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Why wouldn't someone want to expand and reach the top of a business career? 02:48

For Neville Medhora, he realized that people at the very top are incredibly competitive by nature. He doesn’t believe he has enough of a chip in his shoulder to be at the very top nor does he desire that. The mountain also gets smaller at the top and he doesn’t want to be at the pinnacle.


Can fame make you crazy? 05:18

Ultra amounts of fame haven’t brought anything positive to anyone that gets it. Medhora believes that when you get to be so recognizable that you have to seclude yourself, it just drives you mad.


Why are some people happier than others? 06:13

Some people might be happier than others because too many people focus on the negatives in their life, surrounding themselves with other negative people and media.


Why thinking about your death could be a positive experience? 07:13

It may be scary for some people, but if you are able to break your life into a series of finite events, you'd start to wonder of all the ways you could fill your life before your eventual death. It is a way easier exercise when you know that your life is going to end.


What are some universal things that can make everyone happy? 10:44

Connections and relationships with others, and even getting out and providing for others. No matter what it is, it amounts to the same things that make people happy.


What is the meaning of life? 11:47

Medhora states that the meaning of life is that you are a self-replicating organism that started from a couple of amino acids. Every organism that’s managed to survive and procreate has resulted in us.


What is one way to be happier? 12:14

One way to be happier is experience the real crap and drudgery of life that other people have in the world. It’s understanding how hard people in the past had worked so hard to stay alive.


Why do some people have a midlife crisis? 15:15

It’s usually when people feel like they’ve missed out or they could have been something else, but they had these responsibilities they had to care of at the time can lead to people experience a midlife crisis.


What is the greatest learning platform? 16:35

Medhora states that YouTube is the greatest learning platform in the history of anything. You have access to so many resources. You can watch those alive—and dead— to learn from them for free.


What is Sumo Ride? 27:30

It's a website about charity bike rides where people donate and raise money for a cause. On Kagan's part, he and his staff will chat with people about their business for an hour to help them.


What is the worst feeling in the world? 34:03

Medhora says that the worst feeling in the world is during a consultation, when you’re struggling with the last twenty minutes on how to help the person you're consulting with.


What is intelligence? 36:04

To some extent, it’s being able to filter who to ask questions from, who to listen to, and how to make your decision with the inputs.


What is a great piece of advice? 40:26

Medhora found this on Reddit, but the moral is to treat the dish as a sink. Meaning, you have to clean your environment, essentially, not just what you're focusing on.

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