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Podcast Junkie podcast.

December 28, 2019

Podcast Junkie is a tool for podcasts listeners of all genres who are searching for their next listen. Host Zach reviews a different podcast series or season each week, helping discerning listeners discover new shows and connect with their creators. Each episode lasts 4 to 15 minutes and gives listeners a quick overview of that week's selection, what to expect from the show, and why he thinks it should be added to your queue.

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Podcast Junkie is the first podcast to give you a quick glance at other podcasts. Each week we will introduce you to a new Podcast show and let you take a quick listen to help you sort through and help you easily find your next podcast series to subscribe to. It's hosted by Zach Auld who is an avid Podcast listener currently subscribed to over 100 separate Podcasts himself.

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