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Episodes with Smash Notes

Who's spending more - Biden or Trump? Could Netflix be producing a competitor to podcasting? And using other people's words will need royalties soon

Podcasts placed on the platforms ad agencies already use; and able to be contextually targeted. Plus, Joe Rogan gives publicity to a crackpot again.

A new service for marketers to find shows; Joe Rogan is still the most listened-to podcast; Audible adds podcasts in some places

A new USB version of Joe Rogan's microphone. Or Roman Mars's microphone. Or Michael Jackson's microphone. No Agenda is 13; and multilingual podcasts

Voxnest to supply iHeartMedia with dynamic ad insertion and analytics. Captivate unveils AMIE; the Discover Pods Awards finalists; does podcasting need government regulation? And music with shows (again)

A lack of racial diversity leads to Zaltzman leaving the network. Acast to encourage people to vote. Aussie podcast listening data. Spotify launches a morning show.

We want one. Plus, the iVoox Audience Awards winners; Spotify is most popular podcast app, says new research; and how to use Spotify Shows with Music without Anchor

Google Podcasts is now the third largest podcast app. Spotify removes QAnon podcasts. A new $2.5m-funded podcast subscription company.

And why are podcasts good for advertisers? We're told by some Canadians. And a new, local podcast network for the US will launch in winter.

Two ads works better than just the one, even if you bear in mind the additional cost. New shows from Curiouscast, the Australian Podcast Summit, and user agents

The shows claimed they had the artist's permission. Spotify gets to be a podcast default on Google's speakers; a podcast studio raises $6.8m; Apple sends an email

Full tracks in your show - if not your podcast. Spotify and Anchor's new feature is brilliant for people who want to talk about music, though.