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Product People on Smash Notes

Product People podcast.

December 28, 2019

A podcast focused on great products and the people who make them

Episodes with Smash Notes

How to master a new skill (even if you think you're too old to try)

"Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become."

Ben is the co-founder of Tuple.app and is running a new course called Habits for Hackers.

Jason Cohen asks Justin Jackson hard questions about his startup, and what it's going to take to go full-time.

Justin Jackson interviews Jason Cohen from WPengine about bootstrapping, and what it really takes to grow a company.

After a live event, Hamish and I talked offline about the realities of being a maker in tech.

Should you double down on your strengths, or learn something new?

Ben Orenstein, Derrick Reimer, and Justin Jackson are all building a new product. What still works?

You need to price your software on two pillars: who you're selling to, and your value metric.

Are you coming to MicroConf in Las Vegas this year?

Josh started out trying to build a "GitHub for music." When that idea didn't pan out, he still wanted to do something with Web Audio and WebRTC. So he started building Zencastr, which gives podcasters the ability to record "double-ender" interviews in the

6 years ago, Bjorn Forsberg built an app called OrderlyPrint for Shopify. His goal was to increase his freedom, and to spend more time with his family. Was able to achieve it? (This is the 5th case study in the Mega Profitable series)