🎯 Jason Preston on startups, kids, and making a Dent in the universe.
Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky
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What kind of topics will be covered in this podcast? 00:26

This podcast will cover a variety of topics that may help you as parents or future parents. Such as: startups, models for education, how to raise your kids in a multilingual family, how to teach your 3 year-old about sex- kind of- and, a lot of other interesting topics!


What is something people don't tell you before having kids? 06:35

You want to send your child to the best school possible, but they don’t tell you how expensive schools are. Is the best option for your kid the most expensive one? Jason doesn't necessarily agree.


How does keeping an enforced routine help when parenting? 13:50

Kids are the ones to enforce routine because they need it. As a parent, you’ll have different routines and rituals that will incorporate into your life because you and your family will need sustainability.


How did Jason and his wife manage their startup and parent when their kids weren’t in school yet? 23:05

Jason and Monica tried a little bit of everything, which included taking time off, hiring a nanny, having kids going to daycare, and a little bit more of constant runaround! Out of all the things they tried, at-home daycare seemed the most beneficial regarding pre-school stuff.


What are some tips for bilingual parenting? 24:48

Be immersed in the language. Have the attitude and initiative to speak the language— even it’s poorly spoken!


Why is Jason’s start up called Dent? 31:38

It’s inspired by a Steve Jobs’ quote, “We’re going to put a dent in the universe.” Jason intending to make a Dent in the universe because he thinks the genetic lottery is BS. By getting those who are making a difference in the world, everyone can learn from each other on how to make an impact through their work.


What is One thing no one tells you about family vacation with young kids? 34:58

When you have young kids and you go on a beach vacation, somewhere nice, you don't actually get any vacation time. You have to constantly watch your kids from falling into the ocean, or jumping off a balcony, or eating lots of sand. Real family vacations where you can relax don't start till much later when your kids are finally playing on their own for longer than 2 minutes.


How will knowledge of technology help kids in their future? 42:02

Jason believes that the more native his kids are to technology, the better their prospects for the future will be. Now, his family has a limit on technological activities, but he and his wife are still teaching them about cultural balance about technology.


Has your doctor talked to you about how to talk to your 3 year-old about certain things ? 43:24

Perhaps you shouldn't, but you actually should, teach your 3 year-old about when certain things are okay. Like, it’s okay for a doctor to check certain things as long as your parents are around.


What certain things do you get used to when being a parent? 44:39

You start to feel responsibility to right the wrong things, even if your children aren’t watching you. You get used to having authority of being your parent, and you’ll try to exert it elsewhere too.


Why should parents try to avoid giving their kids the response, “Because, I said so”? 50:16

It has zero meaning, and it’s hard for kids to understand the reason why without a concrete explanation for them to understand.


What’s one part about parenting that is the worst? 54:57

Trying not to laugh when your kid does something that he or she thinks is funny, because it is!


What are some last thoughts about startups and parenting? 56:41

In the span of the 30 years, so many societal changes are happening. Doing life requires compromise from all of us. No one has really figured out which can do what parts of work and in life, which will also change as your kids are growing up.


What do you think people have to look forward to when having kids? 01:04:39

Having a kid is the biggest Dent there is. Tickling your kid is the definition of joy— seriously! You believe that your kids gave you a gift by letting you be their parent. You have a richness of circumstance when becoming a parent, and it extends your life.

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