Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky on Smash Notes

Jason Schuller. Press75 and how a WordPress theme set an entrepreneurial journey in motion.

Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky

Jason Schuller is a dad, a husband, and the founder of Press75, a WordPress theme company that he started in frustration, when a consulting client decided to skip paying the bills. That incident caught fire and set Jason on an entrepreneurial journey full of joys and setbacks. His company, and his lessons enabled him to be a successful founder, an engaged father and a thoughtful husband.

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Smash Notes summary for this episode

Who is Jason Schuller ?

Jason is the founder of Press75, a WordPress theme company that he founded by a lucky accident. After working on his business for many years, Jason eventually sold it and focused entirely on his family.

What sparked the desire for a WordPress theme business?

While working at the Boeing, Jason realized the capabilities of WordPress and the community growing around it during its inception.

What impacts did starting a business as a husband and wife team have?

It strengthened Jason & his wife's relationship because they could both pursue things they wanted to - something that was not 9 to 5 office-related. It allowed them to live differently in a way they wanted to.

What is important to keep in mind when starting a business and experiencing a great deal of financial success?

Don't become too wrapped up in the excitement. Utilize some of the freedom with starting a business to enjoy things that bring joy - travel, spend time with loved ones, etc. Don't always make the business the ultimate priority.

Is it best for an entrepreneur to follow their customer base and continue building products geared towards them ?

It depends. An entrepreneur should determine what brings them happiness and what they want to spend their time on as far as creating product.

Who did Jason sell his WordPress theme business to?

He sold to a custom WordPress theme agency. This agency captured the need of customers looking for themes and those developing them.

How did selling a business and then having a baby impact life overall?

It was a wakeup call. Things are put into perspective when you are looking through the eyes of a child and the responsibility of raising them.

How does one channel life experience into their children ?

It is hard to find a balance of career and parenthood. It is important to instill the idea of not giving up in children. They need the grit to handle the outside world.

How do parents decide what is right for their children?

It is difficult to know. There are aspects of how one was parented that are implemented into their own parenting style. There are other aspects of one's childhood that they may choose to not implement with their own children.

How are work/life balance opportunities different today vs. just a few decades ago?

Previous generations did not have opportunities with the internet like there are today. There are so many mediums and much more accessibility for one to make a living and still be actively engaged in the day-to-day lives of their children.

How do parents teach their children how to work hard ?

It boils down to what one is interested in. People should strive to work hard towards what they are interested in, to be conscious of opportunities that come from those interests, and understand the work/life balance that works best for them and their personalities.