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Record Edit Podcast on Smash Notes

Record Edit Podcast podcast.

April 02, 2020

Learn the tips, tricks, and strategies used by top podcast producers so that you can podcast like the pros!

Episodes with Smash Notes

Podcasting Your Way Out of $100k+ in Student Loan Debt (It's The Bearded Man | Bobby Hobert)

How to Repurpose Podcast Clips into 171k+ TikTok Followers (Stefanie Maegan | Broke Girl Therapy)

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How Podcasts Are Changing Journalism & Storytelling Secrets of a 100-Year-Old Brand (Daniel Loria | Boxoffice Podcast)

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3 Podcast Editing Tips to Save HOURS & Edit FASTER

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience By Getting in Front of More Ideal Listeners (Dan Morris | Tracing the Past)

Spotify Battery Drain Bug, Competing With Apple Podcast Subscriptions, & How True Crime is Making a Difference

4 Ways to Edit Your Podcast WHILE Recording

Becoming a Celebrity Podcast Producer & How to Write Cold Emails That Actually Book Guests (Richelle Meiss | Walk You Out)