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Record Edit Podcast on Smash Notes

Record Edit Podcast podcast.

April 02, 2020

Learn the tips, tricks, and strategies used by top podcast producers so that you can podcast like the pros!

Episodes with Smash Notes

I’ve been many things in my life.

An academic, a lumberjack, a farmer, a carpenter, a musician - so how did country boy become a Hollywood podcast producer?

Well, let me tell you my narrative podcast format with scripting, music, and sound effects!


Paper Planes Worlds Collide EP Paper Planes Justin Beiber cover 5 Lessons Learned from My First Independent Music Release Indie Hackers Podcast - my 1st client! Learn to podcast like a pro!

Steve shares his story of how he got out of consumer debt and into financial blogging, and why that led to him quitting his own consulting business to pursue podcast production full-time.

We dive deep into how being active in his niche's community has been the key to his success, and why podcast production is his mission.

He’s also leading the charge on the first Podcast Editors Conference coming this Spring, you don’t want to miss this episode!


Podcast Editors Club on Facebook Podcast Editors Conference

In the past, recording podcasts remotely has been an over-complicated & anxiety-ridden experience...and that’s putting it politely.


That’s where SquadCast comes in.


We talk about some of the common methods of recording remotely, what the best practices are, and how to avoid some of the common issues like audio drift.




SquadCast Blog Between 2 Mics Podcast Try SquadCast, 3 hrs FREE

In today’s episode: a renegade Roomba terrorizes the studio, we get a visit from a gentle giant (Queenie), and we get down and dirty on the ins-and-outs of podcast monetization.


I’m joined with Colin Thomson, CEO of Kast Media. He shares his story from being the host of a small niche show to founding one of the most influential up and coming networks in the podcast industry.


This conversation is full of actionable tips to help you start making money from your podcast right now. Enjoy!


Key Takeaways:


How we met Colin's podcast history & founding KM 3 ways you can monetize your podcast Offering premium subscriptions Why it's tricky to get sponsors under 50k downloads per episode Why you may consider joining a podcast network How big a show should be to join a network The typical demo of the average podcast listener Surprise visit from Colin's dog Hypothetical case study - Bob the plumber Where podcasts sit in the sales funnel How to leverage a podcast to grow your business Sharing our personal podcast listening habits What do we say to the person that doesn't get podcasting How to produce a narrative show the smart way Why 1 million downloads is INSANE for podcasting Podcast earning potential Hypothetical breakdown of podcast income streams The KM 360 deal business model The ad sales process & what you can do as an independent podcast producer

Courtland and Bradley talk about how they started working together, how a podcast helped to build Indie Hackers business & community, and why consistency is the key to growing your business.

Updated on June 27