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Save Planet, Get Rich  on Smash Notes

Save Planet, Get Rich podcast.

May 20, 2020

You have limited time in this life, so how will you spend it? What is the role of money and work in a happy, meaningful life? Can we do work that helps people, planet, AND creates wealth? These are the questions that keep me up at night, and these are the questions I will be asking the world's most interesting leaders, investors, social entrepreneurs and activists. Hosted by Samantha Ryan.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Norman Crowley is on a mission to cool the planet. Right now he's doing it by tackling energy efficiency, creating delicious meatless meat, educating young people, and converting gorgeous electric cars. Norman knows how to create hugely impactful, hugely profitable businesses that SCALE. He's the entrepreneur behind The Cool Planet group and founder of Crowley Carbon, the fastest growing energy services company in the world. Before turning his energy to tackling climate change, Norman started and sold three businesses for over three-quarters of a billion dollars...all before the age of forty. So many great nuggets in this interview. Let me know what you think! Reach Samantha here:Twitter: @SamanthaRyNZInstagram: Sam.ryan18@gmail.comReach Norman here:Twitter: @normancrowley1Crowley Carbon: Cool Planet Experience: drawdown list: someone I should interview? Tweet me! Interested in sponsoring this show? Email me at

Pete Bethune has been shot at, run over by a Japanese security vessel, incarcerated in Libya and Japan, and held under armed guard in a Guatemalan Military camp… all in the name of protecting our natural planet. 

Conservationist, author, tv producer, and public speaker, Pete Bethune has an amazing story. Pete's Tedx talk 'Find a cause worth dying for': Samantha here:Twitter: @SamanthaRyNZInstagram: Sam.ryan18@gmail.comReach Pete here:Website: someone I should interview? Tweet me! Interested in sponsoring this show? Email me at

Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur, angel investor, philosopher and bibliophile. He's a modern philosopher with timeless wisdom, and in this episode he explains how to live a full happy life, free of distractions and worries.

Updated on May 21

From building startups in Silicon Valley to dedicating his life to impact projects that help people and planet, Matthew Monahan has lived quite the journey. In this interview we hear his story and his message: the world needs us to step up and work on important issues, with a deep questioning of our worldviews that got us here.Matthew is the co-founder of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, a world-first Visa programme that brings world class entrepreneurs and investors together in New Zealand to catalyse positive change for the world. EHF is a community that includes Naval Ravikant, Tim Ferris, and Charles Eisenstein (and so, SO many more). *This episode was recorded pre Corona virus lockdown.* Matthew has subsequently launched a grassroots community project to spread compassion during Covid-19: don't talk about Matthew's incredible philanthropy work in this episode, which is a real shame. I would love for you to check out his work at Namaste foundation which supports non-profits for a more beautiful world. Links:Edmund Hillary Fellowship: The visa programme that brings world class entrepreneurs and investors together in New Zealand to catalyse positive change for the world. of Matthew's thoughts and writing: How can you help this podcast project? Leave a review with questions, feedback, or a love note. It makes the podcast easier to find for others and gives me feedback so I can get more of the interviews you want to listen to. I appreciate it more than you can know. ❤️🌷Reach Samantha here: Twitter: @SamanthaRyNZInstagram: samagraamEmail:

This week's episode is Bart De Vries, CEO & Founder of Limber Bart's mission is to make people and planet healthier, one desk at a time. When he combined his experience as a high performance athlete and as a physio, with his passion for business, the Limber desk was born.

We talk about how he found his path and the bumps in the road, including a quick departure from a dutch waffle enterprise. Enjoy!Follow Limber:Facebook: @Limberdesk Website: www.limber.nzFollow Bart: Twitter: @mrbdvI asked Bart: What would you put on a billboard over a busy motorway? His answer: What are you grateful of in your life today?Who's work is he inspired by? SO MANY! Here are a few: Ivon Chauinard - Patagonia founder, iron focus on using his business to protect the environment.Cas Holman - Designer who is changing the way playgrounds are made for kids. Making it waaaay more fun!Khalid Albaih - An incredible Sudanese artist whose brave work leaves him exiled from his country for holding those in power accountable and stirring political revolutionCharlie Kim - Next Jump founder and CEO for the experiments in creating a business culture that no sum of money would make you ever want to leave.Loui Schwartsberg - Incredible ability to capture the beauty of nature and connect you with it.Brene Brown - her work on courage and vulnerability is incredible.Christoph Neiman - Illustrator whose creative skillset is so honed and extraordinary!

Dana has lived several lives - high performance athlete, high-flying accountant, to social entrepreneur. If you know you need to make a leap from your current work into something more purpose-driven, this will be a good episode for you. Dana is co-founder at Spring. The New Zealand startup using tech to help people that are living in financial hardship grow their financial wellbeing. Follow Dana:Linkedin: Spring: Website:

This is the podcast where the worlds of business and 'helping the planet' collide! Trigger warning: you might just quit your job, start your own business-for-good, and become a social entrepreneur. Each episode will include an interview with the world's most interesting leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and activists to find out how they're building their empires for purpose AND profit. Hosted by Samantha Ryan, Head of Product at Choice, the Fintech payments startup disrupting the status-quo in the banking world.