June 10, 2019 - Weekly summary of the best podcasts on the internet
Smash Notes

Microsoft is tired of paying big bucks for data processing and is looking into new ways to do machine learning. They are calling it "Machine Teaching." This segment of the Smash Notes Podcast covers an episode from the Microsoft Research Podcast.

Josh Dahn, the head of Ad Astra, the school founded by Elon Musk, talks about their approach to creative teaching on Beyond High Street Podcast and It's fascinating.

Adam Conover teaches us about Constitution and gun rights on his newest podcast Factually! It is entertaining and, you guessed it, factual.

On this episode of Below the line with James Beshara we get to hear Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt on how to approach idea-testing when looking to start a company. Hint: it's harder than you think.

A multi billion dollar business is suing a small coffee shop, costing them non-trivial legals feels. More on this week's Can & Cloud podcast.

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