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Software Engineering Daily on Smash Notes

Software Engineering Daily podcast.

December 28, 2019

Technical interviews about software topics.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Fivetran is a company that builds data integration infrastructure. If your company is performing ELT or ETL jobs to move data from one place to another, Fivetran can help with that movement from source to destination.

Staff engineer is a job title that suggests the engineer has deep expertise, and considerable experience. More and more companies are adopting a “staff engineer track” where an engineer can work to become a staff engineer.

The Salesforce Ecosystem has thousands of developers, designers, product people, and entrepreneurs engaging with each other. Salesforce exposes APIs and SDKs that allow people to build infrastructure on top of the Salesforce platform.

Pair programming allows developers to partner on solving problems and learn from each other more effectively. Pair programming has become harder to do as remote work has become more prevalent. GitDuck is a tool to enable more effective pair programming...

Effective data science requires clean data. As data moves through the data pipeline, there may be errors introduced. Errors can also arise from code changes, database migrations, and other forms of data movement.

Federated learning is machine learning without a centralized data source. Federated Learning enables mobile phones or edge servers to collaboratively learn a shared prediction model while keeping all the training data on device.

For all the advances in software development over the years, one area that has seen minimal improvement is the terminal. Typing commands into a black text interface seems antiquated compared to the dynamic,

Cloud resources can get out of control if proper management constraints are not put in place. Cloud Custodian enables users to be well managed in the cloud. It is a YAML DSL that allows you to easily define rules to enable a well-managed cloud infrastr...

Predicting the spread of COVID-19 is not easy. The best methods we have available require us to extrapolate trends from a large volume of data, and this requires the construction of large-scale models. Because of the expertise needed for developing the...

Machine learning models require training data, and training data needs to be labeled. Raw images and text can be labeled using a training data platform like Labelbox. Labelbox is a system of labeling tools that enables a human workforce to create data ...

Containers and virtual machines are two ways of running virtualized infrastructure. Containers use less resources than VMs, and typically use the runc open source container runtime. Sysbox is a containerization runtime that offers an alternative to run...

Firebase is well-known as a platform that makes it easy to build real-time applications quickly and easily. Firebase was acquired by Google, and has been turned into a large platform that runs on top of Google Cloud. Firebase is closed-source,