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Software Engineering Daily on Smash Notes

Software Engineering Daily podcast.

December 28, 2019

Technical interviews about software topics.

Episodes with Smash Notes

If you’ve ever googled a CS or programming question, you likely found an answer (or many) on Stack Overflow. Founded in 2008 and named after a common computing error, Stack Overflow empowers the world to develop technology through collective knowledge....

In 2003, Google developed a robust cluster management system called Borg. This enabled them to manage clusters with tens of thousands of machines, moving them away from virtual machines and firmly into container management. Then, in 2014,

Governments, consumers, and companies across the world are becoming more aware and attentive to the risks and causes of climate change. From recycling to using solar power, people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Big data analytics is the process of collecting data, processing and cleaning it, then analyzing it with techniques like data mining, predictive analytics, and deep learning. This process requires a suite of tools to operate efficiently.

Ashmeet Sidana is the founder of Engineering Capital.

DevOps has shortened the development life cycle for countless applications and is embraced by companies around the world. But managing and monitoring multiple environments is still a major pain point, particularly when companies need to mix cloud and l...

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that combines strong technical skills with industry knowledge to perform a large range of jobs. Data scientists solve business questions with hands-on work cleaning and analyzing data,

In this episode we discuss the new Move Fast book, as well as many aspects of the current state of software engineering. Daliana Liu interviews Jeff Meyerson, host of Software Daily and author of Move Fast.

Big Data has exploded the past decade as cloud computing and more efficient hardware made scaling essentially limitless. Products like Uber revolve entirely around analyzing data to provide rides. According to an EMC/IDC study,

Here is the full audiobook for “Move Fast: How Facebook Builds Software”. Continue listening to the end to hear my most recent album “Simulation”.

We talk to a lot of exciting startups from all over the world about their tech products. Recently we’ve heard from people innovating in the blockchain space, cloud infrastructure, databases, and automation tools. However, in today’s episode,

The company Dynatrace provides intelligent observability, continuous automation, and causation-based AI to help Cloud Ops, DevOps, and SRE teams transform faster, innovate more, and deliver better business outcomes.