#0003 – Let’s Save Amazon Reviews ft. Matt Hirschmann
Somewhat Frank
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Who is Frank Gruber? 00:09

After working in a corporate world for a decade, Frank decided to blaze his own path by co-founding Tech Cocktail, as site that became Tech.Co , grew to millions of readers and eventually got acquired. For the past decade he's interviewed thousands of entrepreneurs from the most successful companies in history, and along the way learned amazing lessons from those experiences. Frank is now sharing these experiences with us via his podcast called "Somewhat Frank" and his new company, Established.us.


What do we know about Amazon Reviews? 02:25

Reviews are often completely falsified. If you dig deep and compare, you realize that maybe 90% of the reviews are bogus, even if they are "verified purchases." Seems that buying a product and then leaving a positive review is totally worth it because Amazon weights those heavier than unverified reviews. Great way to boost your product's visibility. Amazon is not particularly interested in hearing customer concerns with reviews though.


Should Amazon be doing something about false reviews? 05:41

It is easy to spot and fix this problem, and Amazon certainly has technical capabilities, but should they? So long as people are buying products, why should they? They are unlikely to do anything until customers start to take their shopping somewhere else, distrusting Amazon as the best place to find the best products.

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