#0009 – The Scooter Frenzy Provides A Startup Business Opportunity
Somewhat Frank
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What is similar between Taipei City and Austin, TX ? 01:11

Taipei is full of mopeds and now in much the same way Austin, TX is becoming full of scooters.


What is the biggest problem with ride sharing scooters? 03:32

People treat the scooters and their usage as a toy. You are going 15 miles an hour down the road, and you've got people and other cars. It is not simple. Yet, because getting a scooter via an app is so easy, people don't feel the appropriate degree of caution. Most people don't even wear a helmet.


What is a great pairing to a scooter startup? 05:10

Most of these companies do not seem to provide helmets for riders. Perhaps there is room for a company that could become a helmet vendor to all of the scooter sharing startups.