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Life is filled with tough choices, especially if you are looking to challenge yourself and elevate your own life. We are wired to look for comfort but sometimes the tough choices put us in a position of discomfort no matter which you choose. Keep in mind that avoiding tough choices is never going to benefit you - but rather leave you unfulfilled and pining for more, despite the ease of being unchallenged.

Tough choices will exist and sometimes there is no “good” choice.
Tap into your value system to help you make a choice that is in alignment with what matters to you.
Remember, no matter the choice - if you are open to it - there will be wisdom gained.
Trust in yourself - if you focus on values and are open to learning - you will win.

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Production Team: Heather Knox, Knox Creative; Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Host: Dr. Lara Pence
Synopsis: Dr. Lara Pence

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