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Startup of the Year Podcast podcast.

December 28, 2019

Startup of the Year Podcast raises the bar for startups around the world by providing further insight on the emerging companies featured in our Daily Dealflow newsletter, and by highlighting newsworthy stories and global trends affecting the startup ecosystem.

Startup of the Year is a year-long program dedicated to finding the best, most diverse startups from every corner of the country and the world. On this podcast, we discuss the latest companies featured in our newsletter, important startup news, and trends affecting the industry.

Our program discovers amazing companies and amplifies their stories. Because great companies can and are built everywhere, but not all locations have access to equal resources, we shine a spotlight on the best startups, founders, and stories from every part of the country and the world.

Join us as we step out beyond just the major ecosystems and share the stories of the founders and companies that you want to meet.


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