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Sunstone Podcast on Smash Notes

Sunstone Podcast podcast.

December 28, 2019

Turn a spotlight on all the newest thought and scholarship in Mormon studies. Hosted by John Larsen.

Episodes with Smash Notes

We may think that American politics is simply going nuts, but what it’s actually doing is turning into religion. In this episode, Stephen Carter argues that Mormonism had a big hand in turning politics into religion—and that, ironically, this shift

Mormonism is all about goals, growth, and progression. But Abinadi and Joseph Smith threw some serious monkey wrenches into the definition of those words. In this episode, Stephen Carter proposes a new approach to the Mormon obsession with progression. A

Charles Dickens is often credited as being the man who invented Christmas with his story “A Christmas Carol.” And the story bears a striking resemblance to a psychedelic trip, which has profoundly affected the way we celebrate Christmas, whet

A few weeks ago, LDS social media feeds exploded with #givethanks. But something about it seemed … off. Stephen Carter digs into the oddities of Mormon gratitude in this episode of the Sunstone Podcast.

After a two-year break from church, why in the world would you want to go back to Sunday school? Stephen Carter had a few strange reasons, none of which will ever be quoted in General Conference. Listen to the harrowing story of his first virtual Sunday

Forget the pandemic, the truly earth-shattering thing about 2020 is that people from Sunstone, Dialogue, and Exponent actually liked Dallin Oaks’ October conference talk! And was this the official anti-DezNat general conference? There are plenty of

This panel discussion from Sunstone Birmingham features current and ex-Mormons telling the story of their faith journeys. Moderated by Mark Johnson, the panel includes Deborah Squires-Coleman, Debra Edwards, Mark Lake, and Lauren Richardson Alcock.

Kristine Haglund, Karin Peter, and Stephen Carter scoured the 2020 Democratic National Convention transcripts for signs of Jesus’ teachings. What they found (and didn’t find) gave them new insight into what Jesus’ politics might have be

Phil McLemore and Stephen Carter scoured the 2020 Republican National Convention’s transcripts for signs of Jesus’ teachings. What they found led to surprising insights about constructive ways conservatives and liberals can talk with each oth

The Lamanites in the Book of Mormon were presented as the ancestors of the American Indians by early LDS Church leaders. But how plausible is that connection? In this episode, John Larsen and Christopher Smith dig into the difficulties. Listen to this ep

What if a voice started talking to you while you were all alone, soaking in a nice, warm bath? What if that voice told you that everything is a fiction — and that fictions are the single most important innovation in the history of humanity? What if you d

The LDS Church is more enmeshed in white supremacy that most Latter-day Saints realize. Education professor Roni Jo Draper talks with co-host Blaire Ostler about how systemic racism shows up in Mormon conversations about education and how we can start to