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superinfluence on Smash Notes

superinfluence podcast.

March 14, 2020

Entrepreneurs, athletes and entertainers share their advice for business, life, and success

Episodes with Smash Notes

LA based writer-director Will Nguyen joins superinfluence to talk about his journey in the world of standup competitions, his creative process, representation in Hollywood, and more.

Special crossover edition of superinfluence: Announcing a new podcast with Pam Majumdar and venture capitalist and former securities lawyer Nisa Amoils: the Daily Block Party, where they talk about the world of bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain. On this episode, they're joined by San Francisco based designer Ric Burton to talk testing new concepts for UI, how he looks for founders, and regulation versus innovation. Listen to more episodes of Daily Block Party on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and YouTube.

Connection and belonging are fundamental human needs, yet loneliness is the largest public epidemic of our lifetime. It's often too difficult to navigate some of life's biggest decisions with our closest friends or colleagues. Anita Hossain and Rei Wang built The Grand as a platform not for small talk but for grand talk - to help individuals grappling with big life questions by leveraging the power of community and storytelling. Grand Sessions are led by Grand Guides, who've been there before and are sharing their unfiltered journeys.

On this episode of superinfluence, The Grand founders Anita Hossain and Rei Wang talk about their founding journey, what they've learned about making meaning of your journeys and finding clarity through others’ stories, how they've pivoted during the COVID19 crisis, and what's next for The Grand.

The global pandemic known as Coronavirus has changed every aspect of our daily lives as we know it in March of 2020. Social distancing is dictating a new routine that includes remote work, Zoom calls, and for many of us, much more idle time at home than we ever expected to have. Creative work, hobbies, side projects...we've been craving extra time to pour into our dreams. Billions showrunner Brian Koppelman shares tips and insights for how to make time for creativity, and the mindset that's especially key during the time of Coronavirus.

The path to the Olympics is often linear, especially for gymnasts. Most gymnasts have just one shot to make the Olympics before they move on to college gymnastics or retire. When you diverge from the typical path, it only gets harder - and most of the difficulty is mental. Having peers who've been there and a committed support system go a long way. On this episode of superinfluence, Pam Majumdar sits down with Olympic gymnast Mohini Bhardwaj Barry to talk about her unlikely journey, and how Mohini overcame obstacle after obstacle as she went from elite gymnastics to the NCAA to earning a spot on the 2004 Olympic team at the age of 25.

There's a misalignment of incentives when it comes to traditional models of journalism - content is monetized by advertisers, but consumed by readers. In the middle, there are the editors trying to balance the needs of both. On this episode of superinfluence, Pam Majumdar sits down with Mariana Heredia, the founder of Fenix, a platform that is upending the old model of journalism through the power of crowdfunding.

We're inundated with opportunities to connect. How can we approach networking in a way that is mindful and meaningful? On this episode of superinfluence, Pam Majumdar sits down with Riana Singh, the founder and CEO of Boss Women Collective, a platform she's building to empower women in their personal and professional lives through intimate experiences.

Blockchain and bitcoin are taking over the world. What does that mean and what will that look like? Serial entrepreneur, tech futurist, and Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree Samantha Radocchia talks about the big picture for these oft-misunderstood technologies and why she wrote her new book Bitcoin Pizza.

When being creative is a full-time pursuit, you can't stay stuck for long. Actor Jason Marsden (Full House, Step By Step, Boy Meets World, Hocus Pocus, Young Justice) shares his countless projects and creative process, how he deals with procrastination, and why we should all journal in the morning.

When you work in wellness, how do you look at self care differently? Vital Proteins editor Grace Gavilanes (formerly at PEOPLE and InStyle magazines) talks about her journey in media, her definition of self care, and how she reset her relationship with fitness.

Polina Marinova is an editor at Fortune magazine and is the author of Term Sheet, Fortune's daily newsletter on deals and dealmakers, with coverage focusing on tech startups and venture capital. She talks about immigrating with her parents to the U.S. at 8 years old, how she got to Fortune, and why she started her own newsletter focusing on some of the most interesting profiles on the internet.

Matt Hayes is a founding team member and VP of ecommerce at mattress startup Leesa. He joins superinfluence to talk about a series of career pivots that led him to a key role at the fast-growing startup, managing career anxiety, his take on building a personal brand, and lessons learned from working with thousands of influencers.