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How to Give without Getting Taken Advantage of with Adam Grant

It can be difficult to get ahead at work when someone else is always taking credit for what the team does, but what can you do to deal with selfish individuals in a professional manner, how can you be a giver and not get taken advantage of, and how do matchers balance givers and takers?

Updated on April 23

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Do "five minute favors." Offer your help to other people with little things, and over time you will build a network of folks who can help you back.

You can do this every day, but if you want to also feel good about the process, consider picking a day in a week where you do these in bulk. You will feel a sense of reward and purpose by doing it this way.

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The best organizations reward not just outstanding individual contributors, but people who also contribute to the organization as a whole, to the team, to shared goals and values.

There are, of course, a lot of takers who are good fakers - people who will pretend to contribute to organization but really want everything for themselves.

To avoid being taken advantage of by them, you should build boundaries and learn to say No, as well as to cultivate your own value which you want to protect from others.

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