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The Art of Product on Smash Notes

The Art of Product podcast.

December 28, 2019

The Art of Product is a podcast chronicling the journeys of two software entrepreneurs (Ben Orenstein and Derrick Reimer) building startups. Discussions span from the technical realm to the business side and everything in between.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Derrick & Ben chat about health, hobbits, and habits. Derrick reveals more numbers from the Product Hunt launch and talks through upcoming plans for the product.

The SavvyCal launch on Product Hunt was a success! Derrick chronicles the story of the launch and some early results. The Tuple team wrapped up their retreat and has decided to build a Linux client in 2021.

This podcast won Best Podcast from the SaaS Podcast Awards! Thank you to all our listeners who supported us!

Ben & Derrick reflect on their journeys the past year and their plans for 2021.

Ben wants to build a meditation habit and is considering ways to facilitate that. Tuple is still searching for a product designer. Derrick & Ben both saw success with their year-end annual upgrade promotions. Derrick is planning a Product Hunt launch in early January.

We're nominated for the SaaS Podcast Awards - go vote! The guys muse about the clever marketing behind the awards and their fellow nominee Courtland Allen's unfair charm & good looks. Ben talks through a shared clipboard feature he is shaping for Tuple. Derrick shipped a bunch of marketing projects this past week.

The Tuple team is finishing up 3-player mode. Ben is continuing to derive value out of coaching (this time with video games). Derrick shipped a 7-day free trial for SavvyCal and competitor comparison pages.

Ben opened up a job listing for Senior Product Designer at Tuple. The Tuple team is working on full-featured multi-participant calls. Derrick shipped embedding SavvyCal links on websites and is working on a number of website updates with Corey. Derrick hopes to achieve default alive state by spring through a combination of marketing efforts.

Derrick reached an important revenue milestone for SavvyCal. Ben is looking forward to an upcoming Tuple retreat.

Ben and Derrick discuss some recent instances of founder CEOs stepping down from their posts. Derrick is shipping a unique feature this week. Ben is trying (but failing) to avoid getting into antique watches.

Derrick has found a new groove working in public again. Ben is polishing a job posting for a Senior Product Designer role at Tuple. The guys discuss long-term visions and harvesting profits vs. reinvesting in the business.

Ben is enjoying working on marketing activities. Tuple is beginning their experiment of offering pairing coaching calls to customers. Derrick shipped a differentiating feature and received very positive response. A new part-time head of marketing is starting with SavvyCal in November. The guys opine about specialists vs. generalists.

Derrick shipped the next part of team functionality, which opened the door for expansion revenue. Ben is zeroing in on hiring a pairing coach for Tuple customers. In his down time, Ben is taking up playing the piano - something his childhood self would be appalled about.