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The Art of Product on Smash Notes

The Art of Product podcast.

December 28, 2019

The Art of Product is a podcast chronicling the journeys of two software entrepreneurs (Ben Orenstein and Derrick Reimer) building startups. Discussions span from the technical realm to the business side and everything in between.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Derrick has been sharing his story on various podcasts lately. Ben is continuing to refine his hiring process for the sales role at Tuple. Derrick is onboarding his first support hire and working on a delegated access feature for SavvyCal.

Derrick & Ben share updates on where they are spending their time moving their businesses forward.

Ben and Derrick discuss the nature of making decisions in the businesses and growing their teams.

Shreyas Doshi (Stripe, Twitter, Google) joins Ben and Derrick for a wide-ranging discussion on product management.

Ben interviews Len Markidan, CMO at Podia about hiring a Head of Marketing for Tuple. Job description: https://tuple.app/jobs/head-of-marketing

Ben and Derrick discuss hiring support engineers and philosophies around customer support in general. They go deep on the topic of investing in your business, diversification, and allocating assets.

The Tuple team is close to shipping true 3-player mode without host & observer role limitations. Derrick launched the Outlook integration this week and is working on a bunch of smaller tasks that have been accruing the past month.

Ben & Derrick chat about dealing with ups & downs in business, finding enough, decoupling fulfillment from business metrics, knowledge archival, dealing with feature requests, and slew of other topics.

Ben & Derrick brainstorm a "rooms" feature for Tuple. Derrick is getting close to wrapping up the SavvyCal Outlook integration. Ben shares highlights from their latest team retreat and teases some new plans for later this year.

SavvyCal crossed an important SaaS milestone this week. Ben is continuing to delegate more responsibilities to his team and redefine his role with the company. The guys talk about Gumroad's recent crowdfunding and Derrick's recent experience with Stripe Capital.

The Tuple team made their first "Hello world" audio call from the new Linux client. Ben and Derrick talk through complex team billing structures. Derrick had a stressful couple of days when the Google Calendar API started misbehaving and daylight saving time rolled over.

Ben and Derrick chat about tools for collaboration and their recent experiences with negotiating deals. Ben wants to level up this year on the marketing front. Work is underway on the SavvyCal integration with Outlook Calendar.