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The Art of Product on Smash Notes

The Art of Product podcast.

December 28, 2019

The Art of Product is a podcast chronicling the journeys of two software entrepreneurs (Ben Orenstein and Derrick Reimer) building startups. Discussions span from the technical realm to the business side and everything in between.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Ben and the team are preparing to officially designate Tuple 1.0! Derrick is working on embedding SavvyCal more deeply in customers' workflows and is digging more moats around time zone handling.

Ben is back on Martha's Vineyard enjoying some partial days off. The Tuple team just shipped a major overhaul of the app internals with better performance and less CPU usage. Derrick has been doing a bit of housekeeping & maintenance work to make the core SavvyCal offering even smoother.

Ben is hanging out with two new team members in the office this week. The Tuple team is preparing to ship some big performance upgrades. Derrick launched the SavvyCal iCloud integration on Product Hunt

Ben and Derrick have been recharging with some vacation time the last few weeks. Ben is excited to onboard his new sales hire. Derrick shipped a Fastmail calendar integration and released a Zapier integration. The guys discuss the merits of having and tending to a backlog.

Derrick could use your help getting to 50 active Zapier integrations!

Ben is excited to onboard a new team member to help with sales and customer success. Derrick shipped iCloud integration for SavvyCal and is continuing the shipping spree. Both have recently had the opportunity to spend some time in nature on lakes and rivers.

Ben hired a new engineer to help with technical support and learn the ropes on native development. Derrick is thinking about strategies for reducing churn.

At last, Ben found someone for the sales/customer success role at Tuple. Derrick is on a shipping spree with SavvyCal.

Ben & Derrick chat with Penelope Phippen all about how Stripe continues to relentlessly ship high-quality software. P.S. Stripe is hiring!

Derrick is joined by Peter Suhm, founder of Reform, to share some updates and do some masterminding.

Ben & Derrick have an impromptu chat with Adam Wathan about all things business.

Ben and Derrick discuss shifting roles as their companies grow and evolve.

Derrick has been sharing his story on various podcasts lately. Ben is continuing to refine his hiring process for the sales role at Tuple. Derrick is onboarding his first support hire and working on a delegated access feature for SavvyCal.