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Ben is finding it easier to plan meetings to talk about challenges, and how he appreciates consistency. He describes his recent experiences with NanoConf and TupleConf.
Derrick understands how perspectives shift as a business goes through different stages. Everyone wants financial security, but they always have complicated problems to solve.
Today’s Topics Include:
Mini Mastermind Conferences: Growth Strategy for building rapport and trust while bringing in new people for new perspectives
Lessons Learned: Capture what went well, what should change in the future
TupleConf: Ben, Joel, and Spencer discussed high-level questions and risk of co-founder issues and ambitions
How to Deal with Conflict: Know your strengths, weaknesses, and personality type
Planning and Prioritization: How to clarify and activate energy to do lower/smaller tasks
StaticKit Milestones: Derrick achieved expansion revenue, additional customers, and annual renewals
Pricing Structure, Tiers, and Upgrades: Monthly vs.yearly subscriptions with no surprises
Derrick shares future vision of StaticKit beyond static forms for positive user experience
Links and resources:
Art of Product on Twitter (https://twitter.com/artofproductpod)
Derrick Reimer (http://www.derrickreimer.com) Website
Derrick Reimer on Twitter (https://twitter.com/derrickreimer)
Ben Orenstein (http://www.benorenstein.com/) Website
Ben Orenstein on Twitter (https://twitter.com/r00k?lang=en)
Tuple (https://tuple.app/)
Tuple’s Pair Programming Guide (https://tuple.app/pair-programming-guide)
StaticKit (https://www.statickit.com/)
Using Tailwind CSS with Next.js (https://statickit.com/guides/next-js-tailwind) 
Level (https://level.app/)
Big Snow Tiny Conf (https://bigsnowtinyconf.com)
Build Your SaaS Podcast (https://saas.transistor.fm)
CartHook (https://carthook.com)
Brian Casel (https://briancasel.com/)
WordPress (https://wordpress.com/)
Gatsby (https://www.gatsbyjs.org/)
Jekyll (https://jekyllrb.com/)
Drip (https://www.drip.com/)
Netlify (https://www.netlify.com/)
Stripe (https://stripe.com/)
GitHub (https://github.com/)

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