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The C2C Podcast on Smash Notes

The C2C Podcast podcast.

December 28, 2019

Marketing is changing.

With internet advertising now 20 years old and traditional media dying a slow death, where do marketers turn? Meet Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Marketing. C2C transforms your most loyal customers into your greatest advocates. C2C powers your brand through in-person connection and genuine community. This podcast will teach you to build your own events community, using C2C, before your competitor does.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Our guest Erin Wayne is Director of Community and Creator Marketing at Twitch. She has worked at Twitch for over 6 years, she started off managing their partnership with Minecraft and is now Head of Community. We explore how a company with such an extremely active and passionate online community was able to bring that to real life with their C2C program!

I’m excited to have our next guest Chris Anderson who is Director of Community Learning & Love at Guru. We cover a lot of ground on this episode, we talk about how they turned there conference into an event series that lasted all summer, how he chose which business metric to prove community success with and how they are taking their C2C events virtual until they can bring them back to local cities post COVID.

Who is this episode great for?

B2B, starting and scaling, C2C community builders

What’s the biggest takeaway?

Right now many things are canceled because of COVID, especially large in-person conferences. Chris showed that you can take that content and break it down into an event series that can last for weeks. This is a great option for any community that had a large conference to actually utilize the content they prepared and not make people sit through a multi-day online conference.

Emily Fang joins us on the show today, she is the Community & Growth Lead at KrASIA. Previously, She worked in community for Google and was the Community & Events Manager for OmniSci. On today’s episode, starting a community from scratch and taking C2C events virtual, and how to build relationships.

Who is this episode great for?

Online community, early-stage community leaders, Media companies

What’s the biggest takeaway?

There are different rules both culturally and otherwise in different areas of the world. Right now, several countries in Asia like Singapore have been able to keep COVID-19 under control and can now have small meetings with a few people. Being able to take advantage of that now and adding the virtual event component could make for big wins long term for C2C communities operating in Asia.


I guess for us, it's really trying to narrow down the content that our readers want to listen in to and engage in. So one way we do that is we do like small group studies. We do polling, whether it's like when they sign up or after the event there's always some sort of like touch points.

What do you want to listen in on? Like, what are you interested in? Why are you joining this event? So we're really trying to figure out what our readers want to participate in for events.

By doing that polling, we started to realize oh wow, there's a very strong group of readers who are heavily ingrained.

They're like directors, C levels or entrepreneurs and they continually like to come to our events. So we noticed that and we were like okay, how do we create more like curated content specifically for this group? For us, I feel like generally in media sometimes the only touch point is like, you're putting out content and they read it.

But I think with media you can do so much more and dig into like who your readers are by different touch points, whether it's a forum or events or, you know, building a community around it. It lets you know more about who your readers are.

Our next guest Rachael McBrearty who is the Chief Customer Officer at Lean Data. In today’s interview, we talk about why she has advocated so much for community as a C-Level Executive. We’ll cover how she aligns the community mission with the company’s purpose, their large conference they are taking online and how to utilize your community to help create an entirely new category.

Who is this episode great for?

In-person community events (going virtual), early-stage community leaders, B2B communities

What’s the biggest takeaway?

Use a community to start your own category and movement. C-Level executives are now seeing community as a way to completely build and own their own category that other companies will now be able to encroach upon because of the new category being tied to the brand.

I’m excited to have our next guest Nora Johnson who is Events & Community Manager at Modern Sales Pros. On today’s episode, we will dive deep into how to prove your community events are successful by tying back to business goals, adapting your C2C events with COVID and how they grew to almost 19k members despite being invite only.

Who is this episode great for?

In-person community events (going virtual), mid-stage community leaders, B2B communities

What’s the biggest takeaway?

Being extremely intentional with who you bring into your community and making it invite-only as well as restricting people outside of the field could actually be a major catalyst for growth. In Modern Sales Pros, they do not let SDR’s or AE’s join the community to maintain the safe space and

Jono Bacon is one of the most notable figures in the community space. He’s helped some of the tech world’s best brands like IBM, Intel, SAP, Mozilla, and others build their community. He also wrote the book The Art of Community and recently published People Powered: How communities can supercharge your business, brand, and teams by HarperCollins. We cover community models, why C2C marketing is important in 2020, governing open source communities and more!

Coworking spaces were one of the communities hit hardest by COVID-19 leaving them to completely reinvent almost everything about their business and community. Our guest today, Sal Lucatero, was put to the test when it came to finding ways to still add value to members who could no longer attend their in-person C2C events. He adapted their NPLH festival to be completely virtual with creative workarounds like sending food from vendors, having a dance party virtually, adding in interaction that possible online. These things actually ADDED to the experience instead of taking it strictly online, making the event a huge success.

Who is this episode great for?

In-person community events, mid-stage community leaders, B2B communities

What’s the biggest takeaway?

Don’t just put your existing C2C events online, how can you add to the experience? Is there a way to send food or other items to attendees? Can you involve more engagement through things like polls and breakout rooms? Can you invite a DJ or other musician? Re-think every aspect of your event to find ways to make it stand out in a sea of zoom events.

Next on the show is Claire Smith who is the Senior Community Manager at the world’s largest online learning platform for higher education, Coursera. She previously led community experience at e-Commerce platform, Storenvy, but she started building her first community - a World of Warcraft Guild - back in 2006. We discuss why Coursera has been focusing on retention over acquisition in light of COVID-19, how she pivoted when an initial program launch didn’t work out as planned, and how community works in tandem with customer success when it comes to an education product. Take a listen!

Dino Kuckovic, Director of Community & Events at, stopped by this week to discuss his events strategy working at the social media SaaS platform. He shared with us how he organically built a community from scratch, how he makes community a company-wide focus with marketing and sales, and how he keeps his event attendees coming back for more.

Emma Irwin joins us on the podcast from Mozilla Corporation. She is an Open Source and Community Strategist there and heads up diversity and inclusion strategy development for their open source projects and their communities. Prior to her role at Mozilla, she worked at Benetech as a Developer Community Manager. On today’s episode, we discuss Emma’s strategies for maintaining diversity and inclusion in the open source community and specifically why it’s so important in the tech industry.

Next on the show is Kevin Lau who is the Global Head of Customer Advocacy at Adobe. Kevin has made a career in community and customer advocacy. Before he went to Marketo, which was acquired by Adobe, he worked at AOL, Google and NetBase. We are going to go in depth on how to create raving fans out of customers, his strategies for running events, the growth of their Marketo User Groups and much more.

Brittany Caldwell joins us on the podcast to chat about her role as Head of Community & Events Marketing at Webflow. She has over 13 years of experience building communities and has previously worked for companies like GitHub and Atlassian. On today’s episode, we cover her top strategies to kickstart a community with little to no budget, why she chooses to look at community like a product, and how she grew her user community over 114% in less than a year.