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Becoming the Voice of Your Community Members with Nicole Burch

Today we’re joined by Nicole Burch, Director of Community Engagement at Athennian, a software that helps to empower modern legal and tax teams so that they do not feel like underdogs in their office.

Listening to the voice of your customer is the key to building software that those customers love and want to support. At Athennian, their support team is composed of paralegals to assist their paralegal and tax team customers. Community managers need to represent all aspects of the community. Therefore, they must be exposed to different areas of the business and be willing to collaborate with different teams in the organization. Start small and bring online communities to spaces where your audience seeks the most participation. Personalize (with or without automation) at the individual user level to make customers feel special, and make sure to express your gratitude for them joining the community. Invest in education programs by working with educational institutions to build a whole new generation of fans for your software. Issuing certificates that interns and learners can show off on social media is a great way to build brand exposure.


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