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EP69: Driving NPS, Reducing Churn & Improving Product using Community w/ Unbabel

There’s nothing that brings a community together like a shared language, our next guest Hugo Macedo helps run a global community around language and translation. Hugo is the VP of Community at Unbabel. In today’s episode, we will talk about how he implemented a community NPS score, improving product and marketing with community and how he proves the business case for community through reduced acquisition cost and churn.

Who is this episode great for?

B2B, starting and scaling, online community builders

What’s the biggest takeaway?

Being able to create a community from the beginning with the intention of actually fostering a loving environment and also making the work tie back to business goals are both extremely important. You can create a place where people can actually grow together and succeed in business goals without hurting either of those endeavors.


Key Smash Notes In This Episode

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