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Training your Community on Values w/ Sam Jacobs

Today, we’re joined by Sam Jacobs, Founder, and CEO at Pavillion. How to approach sales and marketing (or any other job) effectively at the C-level is changing rapidly and becoming more complex every year. Pavilion is a community-based initiative that supports executives in this journey through self-actualization tools/resources and community-powered products/services. Using the same question periodically to record NPS is a great way to track how customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction progresses. Consequently, it can optimize business and revenue by persuading customers to use products/services with high NPS. Train participants around a core set of values to create an inviting atmosphere where lurkers feel free to ask questions and gradually become active participants. However, you must be ready for a churn of participants that don’t fit your values or aren’t coachable into that system.


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