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Uncomplicating Business Communities with Heather Newman

Today, we’re joined by Heather Newman, Principal PM Manager, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Community, DTP Engineering at Microsoft. She is a former Microsoft MVP for office apps and services and has worked in and around Microsoft since 2001 on the SharePoint team. She has produced thousands of events, campaigns, and experiences in the high tech and entertainment industries via her marketing consulting company “Creative Maven”. Heather is also the host of “The Mavens Do it Better” podcast, an interview-style show where she shares the stories of extraordinary experts in their fields.

A career in community management can be quite adventurous if you can relate to problems of a specific group, are willing to help them out, and have a “can-do” attitude. Screen fatigue is a real consequence of moving all (or most) events online and people are getting even more burned out by investing their energy into many projects at once. People are getting rid of toxic connections in their community while simultaneously doubling down on connections with people they truly enjoy being with.

Building a sustainable community for your business is as simple as asking your community members their opinions, listening to their answers, and making decisions with them (NOT for them!).


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