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The Contrarian Investor Podcast on Smash Notes

The Contrarian Investor Podcast podcast.

March 14, 2020

The Contrarian Investor podcast gives voice to those who challenge a prevailing narrative in financial markets. Each episode features an interview with a hedge fund manager, investor, economist or other market participant. The goal is to educate all listeners with an interest in asset allocation and ultimately to provide actionable ideas to the institutional investor community.

Episodes with Smash Notes

A wide-ranging conversation with one of the more outspoken contrarians on Wall Street and Main Street.

September was a "fake out sell off." Most gains may even happen before the election.

The Fintwit star locates and explores niche subcultures online to spot investment opportunities.

Alex Chausovsky of ITR Economics discusses the metrics pointing to continued recovery from COVID

Value Stock Geek returns to the podcast to discuss his portfolio construction theory.

COVID-19 and the pendelum of probabilistic reasoning

With Genna Lozovsky, Sandglass Capital Management

With Eric Chung, CIO, Lighthaven Capital Management

With Enrique Abeyta, Empire Financial Research

With Siddarth Singhai, Ironhold Capital

David Neuhauser of Livermore Partners joins the podcast to discuss his expectation of a "L-shaped" economic recovery and corresponding sideways market activity in the years to come.  There are still opportunities for investors. Here Neuhauser is...