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The Heartbeat on Smash Notes

The Heartbeat podcast.

December 28, 2019

A podcast about leadership – hosted by Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Team. In each episode, Claire has a heart-to-heart interview with an industry leader she respects, distilling their most valuable leadership lessons, business learnings, and management advice.

Episodes with Smash Notes

As the Co-Founder and CEO at Rise Science, Jeff Kahn discusses the challenge of being emotionally present as a leader, the power of gratitude, and the two levers of sleep that are essentially to high-performance for leaders. Have you been enjoying these&

As the author of “Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps” and the CEO of Cultivating Leadership, Jennifer Garvey Berger discusses the hesitancy most leaders have around power, our relationship to conflict, and the most common mindtraps we find oursel

As COO at 1Password, Matt Davey talks about eschewing perfectionism, being an empathy lead business, why it’s important that everybody has a hand in the customer service company pot to varying degrees, and their real company values being security,

As a leading conflict expert who’s worked with leaders and teams at organizations such as IBM and the United Nations, Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler, Ph. D., talks about embracing hard work, freeing yourself from conflict, resolving conflict, and ide

As Founder of Farnam Street, Shane Parrish talks about leaders’ tendencies to ignore positive outcomes and focus on the negative ones, being receptive to feedback, and the important concepts of “living life backwards,” and “outcom

As Coach and CEO at RebootHQ, Jerry Colonna talks about just because you feel like shit doesn’t mean you are shit, that there’s a very tight correlation between high achievers and impostor syndrome, and that cringe-worthy moments are great mo

This week, Jason Fried, CEO and Co-Founder of Basecamp and I, your host, Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Team, interview each other for this special milestone episode #50 of The Heartbeat. We talk about learning how to be like yourself earlier, thinking abo

As CEO and Co-Founder of Lullabot , Matt Westgate talks about starting a company from scratch, teaching himself what he needed to know about business, leading with authenticity, and encouraging his company to talk openly about mental health. Every few we

As Co-Founder and Head of engineering at Gusto, Edward Kim talks about transitioning from a developer to a leader and the difficulty he had doing so, how founders see your company versus how early employees see your company, and failing as a learning opp

As VP Platform Engineering at Stitch Fix, Former VP Engineering at DocuSign, Pooja Brown talks about how every experience is a learning opportunity, people management, and why it’s important to “keep your listening ears on as a leader.”

As Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, Tim O’Reilly talks about valuing your financial people, the fact that leadership isn’t just about your own company, and considering how leadership creates context for other people to act. Every few

As Head of Foundation Engineering at Stripe, and Author of An Elegant Puzzle, Will Larson talks about that not all decisions are final and/or permanent, being self- aware, and modeling your behavior in a way that you would like to personify your organiza