#115 – Quick Chat with Harry Dry of Marketing Examples
The Indie Hackers Podcast
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What is MarketingExamples.com? 00:16

Marketing Examples is a website where Harry Dry writes marketing stories about real companies. He is not trying to SEO rank the site for a quick profit, but instead writes case studies that entrepreneur find insightful and useful.


Does Harry Dry feel happy with his accomplishment so far? 02:34

Harry says that life is good. His goal was to become fully sustainable as an independent entrepreneur and he's been able to quit his job and work on Marketing Examples full time. So yeah, he's happy.


How do startup founders deal with risk? 03:58

Harry says that startup founders are risk killers, not risk takes. By keeping his day job while working on his site, for example, Harry was able to make sure he'd not run out of money. Keeping his spending low and not having cofounders or employees, he was also able to remove dependencies and make sure that Marketing Examples would never fail.


How did Harry think through the idea when starting Marketing Examples? 05:39

Harry says he was pretty methodical about starting Marketing Examples. He wanted a small humble project that would allow him to leave his job. From there, he could always figure out more ways to grow it.


What are prior mistakes you are determined not to repeat? 08:21

Build it and they won't come does not work. You have to have a plan for distribution and user engagement before working on your project, instead of winging it along the way.

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