#118 – The Magic of Choosing a Great Market with Justin Jackson of Transistor
The Indie Hackers Podcast
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What is Transistor.fm? 03:46

Transistor.fm is a podcast hosting. When someone listens to a podcast through apps such as Apple, Google, etc., the files stream from a central platform, much like websites. Transistor is place to publish these files and to get basic including analytics about their downloads.


What was the inspiration for pursuing podcast hosting ? 06:30

The podcast hosting market has momentum. There is an uptick in people wanting to publish shows and the creator/maker movement lends itself naturally to podcasting. Corporations are also taking note of podcasts.


What are key advantages of learning from other people? 30:19

When learning on your own, there is very limited perspective. When reading a book, listening to a podcast, etc., you learn about different ways to do things. This helps improve one's craft.


What are some recommendations for finding a market that is healthy for one's business? 31:53

A business cannot be based on what people might do or what they say that might do. It must be based on what people are doing right now or what they have done in the past.


What are key marketing strategies for new businesses to understand and invest in? 42:26

Search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be first priority for businesses. Word of mouth is also necessary. But, the emotional connection that founders can build with their followers can also be pivotal. Be open to sharing the journey and the struggles.


What are some strategies for making gains in SEO? 45:26

In certain markets, having good affiliates can be very helpful. Also, sharing an interesting journey in a transparent and vulnerable way resonates with people. This makes them want to share your story and be a part of it.


What are the key ingredients of starting a business? 50:40

A founder needs the right market with the right distribution channels. And, a good product for that market must be developed. These three areas are crucial. Don't invest years and years into something when one of these pieces is missing. Wait as needed. It will feel natural once the fit is right.