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The Podcast Report on Smash Notes

The Podcast Report podcast.

December 28, 2019

Author of the #1 Top Selling "How To Podcast" and "Podcast Strategies" books and CEO of The Podcast Partnership, Paul Colligan offers his report on what's REALLY working in the Podcasting industry.

No hype, just facts, and a way of understand this new media as the powerful (and paradoxical) disrupter that it is.

Topics covered include: the Podcast Industry, Podcast Monetization, Podcast SEO, Podcast Growth, Podcast Audiences, Podcast Charting Strategies, Multicast Marketing, Video Podcasting, How To Make Money With Your Podcast, and more.

Episodes with Smash Notes

As was promised in the last episode - part 1 of The Mindset Scorecard - our concept of Business Podcast Gold. 

If you want to grab your copy of these two documents, grab the Heads Up Tuesday newsletter which will get you access to our grand list of tools - including these two.

The Podcast Report is BACK - and no better way to celebrate than a simple (but hour long) catchup with friend of the show - Dave Jackson (School of Podcasting, Libsyn, Building A Better Dave, Podcast Hall of Fame, Profit From Your Podcast ...).

The last piece of your team is the person who makes sure it all "happens." The Operation makes sure the big picture is at play and, yes, is there to make EVERYTHING is done correctly for the bigger picture of your Podcast. This is the final episode in our Team Clarity Matrix. You can grab your free Matrix - and video series at -

Once the show is done, it's time to promote your Podcast. The right person for the job will do amazing things. The wrong person will waste your time and money.

Understand (and build) your Podcast Team with The Podcast Partnership's Free Team Clarity Matrix:



Publishing your Podcast is so much more than clicking a button and filling out forms. Do you know the right 7 questions to ask the team member publishing your Podcast?

Who is going to edit the Podcast is only the first question. What kind of tech will they use? What workflow will they follow? Who owns the projects? What happens if you have to move to another platform?

Once you've figured out who is in charge of Strategy/Review, it's time to think about your Talent. It might not be as easy as you thought. Build your Podcast team the smartest way possible with the Team Clarity Matrix (TM)

If you have no Podcast strategy, you can’t be frustrated when you have no Podcast results.

No Podcast is an island. In our 15+ years of Podcasting, we’ve realized that everyone needs a team. The Podcast Partnership Team Clarity Matrix (TM) provides the means to understand your Podcast Team. The first step is Strategy / Review.

We cover that in this episode.

Tim Ferriss quickly killed his “fan supported” model for monetizing his Podcast. The experiment was fascinating but his quick jump back to the ad model might not be what it seems. As always, lots to learn from Tim.

The Podcast Partnership will be at Podcast Movement this year in a booth surrounded by "Podcast Hosts" all trying to outdo each other. The future of Podcast hosting is three simple things. Paul Colligan explains them in this episode.

The promise of Podcoin is fascinating - it's "the Podcast player that pays." Listen to a Podcast, make some money. Get a new audience for your Podcast because those nice folk at Podcoin are paying them to listen to your Podcast. That's not how Podcast monetization works - at least not the kind that interests me - or should be interesting you.

Pandora has a shot at "winning" the Podcast wars if they do these things - correctly - and quickly ... 1 - Bring ALL the Podcasters in. 2 - Use unsold or remnant inventory to promote Podcasts. 3 - Start Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down ASAP. 4 - Invite and user curators. Rewards them. 5 - Get international FAST.