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3 Massive Benefits Of Business Podcasting - The Podcast Report

The Podcast Report podcast.

I just got back from attending Allison Maslan's Business Blast Off Event in Las Vegas. Allison Maslan is a client, a friend, and a female business juggernaut. I was able to speak at her event this weekend about podcasting. What's neat is that it wasn't a podcasting conference or an Internet marketing conference. This wasn't the traditional type of conference that I usually speak at.

This was an event where everybody that attends puts together their business blueprint for the year ahead. The idea of speaking about podcasting to an audience that is putting together their business blueprint was really exciting. I spoke for about 50 minutes. What you are about to hear is a segment that I recorded in the middle of the presentation. I talk about three massive benefits of business podcasting. Making podcasting a part of your bigger business strategy is how all of this works together.

Tip of the Week: 

Your podcast might not end as a podcast. It could become a CD or an audio book. It could become something that needs better fidelity than that final project you made when you made that podcast. Keep your project archives. Keep a copy of everything that has been done. Put it someplace intelligent. Catalog it and maybe even store it offsite. Don't just keep the final project. Do this, and you’ll thank me someday.

3 Massive Benefits Of Business Podcasting:

  • [05:31] 3 Massive benefits for podcasting in the business space.
  • [06:12] Access to you without access to you. When the same question is asked over and over again. Put it online, and you only have to answer it once.
  • [06:31] I have a podcast that can be found on Google, Amazon, or Apple. You are associated with some of the coolest technologies in the world to share your information.
  • [06:54] Crazy fast product development. I am getting paid to speak, and I am recording a podcast on the side. Welcome to the wonderful world of podcast development.
  • [07:09] This is a product. You might be reading this transcript in one of my books or this might be on a CD. I don't know how you are consuming this, but I am making a product.
  • [07:20] 3 of my favorite things in the podcast space. Access to you without access to you. Leveraging the biggest names like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Medium. Podcasts are also crazy fast podcast development.
  • [07:49] Podcasting is easy. I did it on stage with my iPhone and a microphone. Podcasting is easy. The focus is not the tech. The focus is the content.
  • [08:19] Access to you is huge. This podcast has been downloaded tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of times more than I have been able to chat with people individually about podcasting.
  • [08:32] People get the training and education and access to me in a way that is scalable and cool.
  • [08:40] Podcasting is leveraging the biggest names. You could be listening on Alexa or any device out there. I leverage the biggest names to get my message out.
  • [09:11] It is crazy fast product development. I actually created a podcast while speaking from stage at a paid speaking gig.
  • [09:24] Podcasting is easy. It's what you do with it that is hard. This is what we chat about on this show.

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