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The Podcasting industry is fascinating because many people copy (and teach) each others methods - even when some of them are wrong. In this episode of The Podcast Report, Paul Colligan examines 3 big mistakes he see all too often in Podcasting - and what YOU can do about them.

Big Idea -

The Biggest Podcast Problems Often Have Nothing To Do With The Tech (Tweet This)

Links -

How To Podcast 2015 - http://GrabTheBook.com

Podcaster Cart - http://www.PodcasterCart.com

SMS2Optin - http://sms2optin.com

Dave Jackson Episode - http://schoolofpodcasting.com/four-podcasting-tools-reviewed/

iRig Mic Cast - Amazon.com: IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast podcasting mic for smartphones and tablets: Cell Phones & Accessories

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