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A Few Thoughts On The New Apple Podcast Pages And What They Might Mean To Podcasters

The Podcast Report podcast.

I don't have a full strategy yet for the new Apple Podcast pages, but I'm intrigued.

Here's the link to Apple's Podcast Page for this episode -

Now that Apple has produced both individual Podcast Pages with play buttons (see the one for the Podcast Report here - ) as well as individual episode pages (see an example here - ), the question of "where do I send my Podcast audience isn't as clear as it used to be. 

This isn't the all in one page as is offered by (here's there page for The Podcast Report -, but it doesn't make for an interesting offering.  I could send someone to my episode page knowing that if they're Apple Podcasts ready, they can click to subscribe, and if they aren't they can simply click play. 

The questions:

  • What will more detailed notes look like proper (this should test that out)?
  • Will clicks on an Podcast page "count" in your Apple stats numbers?
  • Why doesn't Apple link to the Podcast Website? 
  • Why does Apple link to the individual Podcast Episode pages?
  • Will Apple link to Video Podcasts - eventually?
  • Will Apple offer us embeddable players for Apple Podcasts?  Embeddable players for Apple Video Podcasts?

Would love to hear from you on this topic: