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About My Unique Podcasting Concepts - The Podcast Report Episode #66

The Podcast Report podcast.

A recent review of my "How To Podcast 2015" book said that the book  “tries too hard at times to be a contrarian and gives little reason and/or evidence for many of his more "unique" Podcasting concepts.”

There is some truth to this - and some misunderstanding. Yes, I give little reason or evidence for my "unique" Podcasting concepts but i figured this is a book about "How To Podcast" - with the goal of getting them Podcasting, quickly. 

So, I thought I'd take this episode of The Podcast Report to answer some of the questions brought up in this review - and, as always, ask a few of my own.  

Big Ideas 

  • The Value Of Your Podcast Is Not In How Much Time You Spend Producing It (Tweet This)

  • Activity Is Not Productivity (Tweet This)