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Erica Mandy, The Newsworthy, What Comes Next In Podcasting? - The Podcast Report

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Erica Mandy is the host and content producer of theNewsWorthy a Monday through Friday podcast that shares fast, fair, and fun news you need in less than 10 minutes. She used her background in journalism combined with curiosity about what people wanted to create something new and different.  

I’m excited about today’s interview with Mandy, and there are two things that you want to track. Number one is that it is an interesting model. I’ve spent a decade plus in podcasting, and I’ve heard there is nothing new. Well Erica did something new. Number two is that it does have the potential to change things. With new announcements from Pandora, Spotify, and Apple the industry is changing, and this is a model that might change with it. We also talk about New & Noteworthy.

Tip of the Week:

Instead of worrying about what microphone to use, you should be focussing on what your message is. What are you telling your audience? What makes you and your show unique? Once you figure that out, the microphone will come into play. Don’t start with the tech. Start with the message, and you’ll have a podcast that lasts.  

Changing Behavior By Doing Something Different with Erica Mandy:

  • [02:13] Erica Mandy produces, compiles, and performs a daily news show. I thought it wasn't going to catch on or last, but it is lasting and everyone loves it.
  • [02:41] Erica has been a broadcast journalist for the last ten years. She realized that people she knew weren't watching the news because if was too depressing or boring or they would get lost in biased clickbait.
  • [03:06] She felt she was uniquely positioned to provide something different. She loves good news and likes to tell things in an upbeat way. She also has a background in journalism.
  • [03:16] She quit her job and started theNewsWorthy. Erica has had success in the first few months and got her first sponsor Sol Organics who sell organic cotton sheets and bedding.
  • [03:39] Her show is M-F and it comes out at 4:00 AM Eastern time. Her show production takes about 3-4 hours to write, about an hour and a half to record and edit, then she publishes, writes an email, and does the show notes.
  • [03:58] It's a full day. The morning before that is when I do social media, networking, and marketing.
  • [04:17] She is also testing a weekly interview.
  • [04:30] When she launched she was picked up by iTunes. She was on New & Noteworthy for about two weeks. She said she got about 700-1000 new listeners that stuck with her.
  • [05:58]  A Siri based daily news show is announced by iTunes. Pandora is working on creating a podcast version of the music genome project. Spotify is embracing everybody with some new podcast formats, images, and news.
  • [06:34] A lot of people seem to be picking up the idea that we might need daily newscast.
  • [07:06] People still want to know what is going on while they are on the go. Then they can read more about the things that interest them the most.
  • [07:10] Erica started theNewsWorthy because she knew that it was what she wanted and other people were telling her it was what they wanted too.
  • [07:32] Because there is so much potential with podcasts the possibilities are endless. Traditional media is the last one to get on a trend. Erica wanted to be part of the news that was leading the way.
  • [08:47] Online streaming now offers sports and people are cutting cable more than ever.
  • [09:22] Erica thinks there is a whole path for current recent podcasts that inform you with current news.
  • [10:01] Once we figure out to offer things people will jump on it.
  • [10:09] Paul thinks smart speakers, voice activated content, the daily routine, and the Pandora podcast genome project brings all of this together.
  • [10:21] Erica's listeners are sticking around for 95% to 104% of her show. She gives listeners a new story every minute or so and keeps it moving.
  • [11:33] Because people are consuming the whole show the format is viable.
  • [11:55] Erica also offers links to all of the stories that she references on her show notes.
  • [12:56] The change in behavior and the consumption and how podcasts somehow become part of someones day. A daily show is as natural as a morning cup of coffee.
  • [14:15] How having a broader niche requires a sponsor with a broader market.
  • [15:56] Erica is open to partnerships. If the emerging markets open things up, she feels that is really exciting.
  • [16:57] How we know a lot about the podcast consumers. Teaming up with podcast sponsor acquisition experts will be interesting.
  • [17:57] In the future, Erica would love to partner with an organization that provides a platform for discovery along with multi platform options like video. She is open to partnerships and being in more than one place.
  • [19:45] She is open to having writing and editing help. She would like to have more help, so she can focus on the marketing and business development side of things.
  • [20:57] Changes in behavior and opportunities that Erica's show represents.
  • [21:44] When Erica started, she looked for what wasn't happening. She focused on her news and journalism background and looked for something different that wasn't already being done.
  • [23:04] There are still options out there, and we can still change behaviors.

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