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How To Turn Your Podcast Into A Content Marketing Machine (My Social Media Marketing World Presentation) - The Podcast Industry Report With Paul Colligan Episode #109

The Podcast Report podcast.

You are more than a Podcast - do this right and you're a CONTENT MARKETING MACHINE. I'm a huge fan of the annual

I'm a huge fan of the annual Social Media Marketing World event in San Diego and haven't missed a one yet. In this episode, I'm thrilled to offer a recording of my presentation from last year's show.

Social Media Marketing World is an important event for our industry because it's not just about Podcasting - it's how all of the social marketing options fit together. This topic is so much more important than picking the right microphone. 

At the next event, I'm running a panel with John Lee Dumas, Rob Walch and Gary Leland about Podcast Monetization.  If you pick up your ticket through my link, I'll buy you breakfast at the event and we'll chat Podcasting.  Maybe I can get one or two of my panel participants to join us ;-)

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When a single podcast becomes more than a dozen marketing machines, you stop looking at the clock. (Click To Tweet)


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