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More Thoughts On Podcast Tracking - And A Few Thoughts On Intimacy - The Podcast Report

The Podcast Report podcast.

What kind of relationship do you want with your audience? This is going to be a shorter episode, but it is a really important one. If we can make podcasting an intimacy game, the game will change forever. The profit will go up, and the impact we’re looking for will continue to rise.

I know that we are not just about the downloads and ads that we can throw at those downloads. Podcasting is bigger and better than that. This is what we are going to explore on today’s show.

Tip of the Week: 

If you want your audience to do something, it might not always be obvious to them. It may be the clearest thing to you. You might know exactly what you want your listeners to do. Your audience doesn’t necessarily know. When you are taking your audience on a journey tell them exactly what you want them to do and let them know what the exact process is.

More Thoughts On Podcast Tracking - And A Few Thoughts On Intimacy:

  • [02:34] Today, I'm talking about more thoughts on podcast tracking and a few thoughts on intimacy.
  • [02:46] As an industry, if we stop focusing on the downloads in order to get sponsors and started working on more strategic approach we could be doing a lot better.
  • [03:25] In a recent episode of The Feed Rob Walsh chatted with NPR. NPR is hoping that podcast clients will report what is being consumed similar to the way that Apple does now.
  • [04:02] I just signed a new client. They are very high profile in business, consulting, and Internet marketing. The host asked me who in podcasting is tracking their direct marketing?
  • [04:36] I answered no one, and he said that he was going to do it.
  • [04:58] Three reasons that people aren’t tracking the things that let them monetize the most. Number one: They are just stuck in the downloads equals success trap.
  • [05:05] Number twohim: They don't think that their podcast has value. Your podcast has value. That's what you're doing it. If you want to serve your audience, you'll figure out the value.
  • [06:07] The third reason is a lot of us don't know how to monetize.
  • [06:22] The Business Podcasting Bible is a book I wrote way back in the day.
  • [06:55] A lot of people talk to me, and I may or may not listen, but when my wife talks I listen. She gets attention that no one else gets, because she's my wife.
  • [07:36] Because of the intimate relationship with my family when I talk to them, I want to react. That is the nature of intimacy.
  • [07:48] We have a lot more intimacy with our podcasts then the guy on the evening news.
  • [08:49] Most of you who have come with me on this journey have done so because you respect me.
  • [09:06] This is Paul with this 10+ years podcasting sharing with you in an intimate relationship.
  • [09:29] I have three people on my panel in the upcoming session that I'm going to.
  • One of the members of the panel actually invests in financial funds because of his podcast.
  • [09:58] One of the other people on the panel has a business that involves family and business together. It's what mom’s do, and it is personal.
  • [10:37] The third person is from an ad group that puts ads on podcasts. They are doing ads that are trustworthy from the point of view of the podcaster.
  • [11:21] The latest cameras and microphones aren’t what matters in podcasting. The only tech that really matters is intimacy.
  • [13:19] The podcast with the highest value is the one that gets the audience to make an intimate choice.
  • [13:49] Let's show value and be worthy of our intimacy.
  • [14:19] Podcasting makes relationships and connections possible.
  • [14:43] Stop assuming it is about the numbers and connect with your audience. Do you want an audience that is excited?
  • [15:32] Ponder what happens when you have an audience that trusts you. They not only subscribe, but they also have a smile on their face when they consume your content.
  • [16:19] Let's track the deep relationships and think secondarily about the other things.

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