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Should I Attend This Podcasting Event? - The Podcast Report

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I just got back from Social Media Marketing 2018. After looking at my very full calendar, I have to ask myself the question of are attending these events right for me. I have some ideas and takeaways about whether to attend a podcasting event or not.

A lot of people go to events for the wrong reasons. A lot of people go to events for the right reasons but get distracted along the way. I have some strategies and tactics I’m going to share with you today.

Tip of the Week:

You don’t have to and you might not always want to have the word podcast in your name. There are really only two types of people in this world those who know what a podcast is and those who don’t. If your podcast gets picked up by online radio or apps, you don’t want to discourage listeners who don’t know what a podcast actually is.

Should I Go To This Podcasting Event:

  • [03:27] I've just returned from Social Media Marketing World 2018 in San Diego.It was beautiful and inspiring. I had a tremendous time in San Diego.
  • [03:50] How many more events should I be attending? Are events the best strategy for everyone?
  • [04:13] Today I'm going to share general thoughts on attending podcast events.
  • [04:20] I met the guys from each camp networks. It was fantastic to meet three guys who have made such an impact.
  • [04:43] Is a podcasting event the best way to spend your money?
  • [05:03] In some cases the answer is yes. Podcasting events can be a great way to meet people and make connections.
  • [05:15] Other times I've gotten distracted and wasn't able to get the work done.
  • [05:38] Reasons that you shouldn't attend a podcast event include coming for the free stuff or the show specials. If the only reason you're going to the event is for the training, grab the virtual ticket instead.
  • [06:54] Don't expect to learn something in the session that will change your life.
  • [07:54] Don't come for booth sales that don't work.
  • [08:34] The last reason not to come is that if you are working on something that's actually more important than the event, spend your time working on the thing that is more important. In other words opportunity costs.
  • [09:29] The number one reason to go to one of these events is making the virtual physical.If you want to do business, but you need to meet people this is a great place to make those introductions.
  • [10:15] A great reason to attend a podcast event are strategic connections. Sometimes just showing up has tremendous value.
  • [10:58] Being with peers and getting encouragement is another great reason to attend.
  • [11:34] Ethical lead generation. Sometimes speaking gets you a lead.
  • [12:08] Don't forget about follow-up opportunities with the replay.
  • [12:43] Going to an event gives you time to focus on only the topic of the event such as podcasting.
  • [13:51] Come to the event to make the virtual physical. Come to the event to make strategic connections. Come to the event to get the encouragement you're not getting at home. Come to the event for ethical lead generation. Come to the event for time to focus on the topic.
  • [13:59] Don't come for free stuff or just the training. Don't come for the alcohol. Don't come for the hack. Don't come for the break. Don't come for sleazy booth sales. Don't come for the excuse not to get the job done.
  • [15:14] The impact filter tool for intelligently considering the pros and cons of an event.
  • [15:42] Social media marketing world was worth it for me.But I have to sit down and figure out where certain events fit in my grand scheme of things.
  • [16:22] I've attended events and parties for distraction. Distraction is part of the entrepreneurial world.
  • [16:34] A lot of podcasters are obsessed with reviews and microphones.
  • [17:14] I joined strategic coach this year, and I am getting very clear on doing what I'm supposed to be doing.
  • [17:34] I need to go to events that I can bring clients to.
  • [18:23] I'm going to an event, so I can accomplish something in particular. My podcast is more important than any podcast event.
  • [18:38] Your message is more important than any plane you get on. Your audience deserves your best attention.

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