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Is my audience on YouTube? Are podcast listeners listening to content on YouTube? A lot of people ask if you should put your podcast on YouTube.

There are many people who will do a deep dive telling you reasons why you shouldn’t put your podcast on YouTube. The fact of the matter is you should put your podcast anywhere your audience might be.

Tip of the Week:

Does your podcast have a because you will? A because you will is the reason your avatar listens to your podcast. If you don't have a because you will, you need one.

Every single episode should have one. Write it down or make a spreadsheet and keep track. If you understand the because you will of your episode, the podcast will be a lot better.

Should You Put Your Podcast on YouTube?

  • [02:04] Should you put your podcast on YouTube?
  • [02:29] It's easy to put your podcast on YouTube. You can also do a video podcast.
  • [02:45] The debate is in the world of the audio podcast. How could you put an audio podcast on YouTube?
  • [02:55] You could upload a file with a static graphic. Libsyn makes it possible to publish on YouTube with your default image. There are also tools and services that make it possible for you to do this.
  • [03:10] The issue is should you? Or why shouldn't you? Some people debate that if it's just a picture people won't stay as long.
  • [03:32] Think through it intelligently and logically.
  • [04:03] I had a friend who had over a thousand views of his podcast on YouTube. He was doing better than other videos in his niche.
  • [04:41] I have published past episodes of The Podcast Report on YouTube.
  • [05:04] People argue that it's the wrong platform. I actually think it's the nerds and the listeners to decide which platform is the right platform.
  • [05:17] If you look at the stats, more people are listening to music on YouTube than anywhere else.
  • [05:32] 46% of the country or 129 million people went to YouTube for music in the previous week according to the 2018 Infinite Dial Study.
  • [06:00] If we have more people going to YouTube for audio, let's make sure our stuff is on YouTube.
  • [06:04] It's not only YouTube, it's smart speakers like Google Home.
  • [06:25] If you have a YouTube Red account, you can play audio from YouTube to your smart speaker.
  • [06:57] YouTube Red has premium ad free content that you pay for.
  • [07:23] Live from Daryl's House with Daryl Hall. The Smokey Robinson episode is incredible. I would buy the tracks from this show. Many people have made playlists on YouTube of this show. I can play them from my Google Home through YouTube Red.
  • [09:01] I'm going to start putting all of my stuff up on YouTube. I'm working on a template. We're going to have some fun with this.
  • [09:28] I'm also going to put my clients up. I wouldn't recommend a static image. You can have some fun with animations.
  • [09:38] I think I will explore this topic in future podcast episodes. I would also love your thoughts and comments on this.
  • [09:58] If you're doing your show on YouTube, leave a comment and let me and my other listeners know.

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