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What Podcast Stats Should I Track? The Podcast Report With Paul Colligan #79

The Podcast Report podcast.

With all of the options and numbers that the Podcaster has to track, a strategic approach to tracking the variables that matter is extremely important. In this LIVE episode of The Podcast Report, Paul Colligan will share the 7 things every podcaster should track - and then answer questions from whatever audience happens to be attending live.

The worksheet mentioned in this Episode and the recording of the Blab that remains can be seen at

NOTE: As this was a grand Blab experience, I didn't know I had to hit the record button to record the entire thing.  As a result, only the last 15 minutes or so of the event was actually recorded (on Blab). Good thing is, the Podcast audio was recorded and you can click to listen below, or as per usual subscribe to the show in all of the familiar places.

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