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In September of 2015, Paul launched “Podcast Month” - in honor of “International Podcast Day” - and in an a attempt to build up the list for The Podcast Report (and to teach other Podcasters a model for building their own lists). In this episode, Paul explains his reasons why and the technology used for such an experiment. 

Big Idea - The More Reasons To Sign For Your List - The Bigger The List (tweet this)

Links -

Podcast Month - http://PodcastMonth.com

How To Podcast 2015 - http://grabthebook.com/

Podcaster Cart - http://www.PodcasterCart.com

Lead Pages - http://link.leadpages.net/aff_c?off...

Fiverr - http://paulcolligan.com/Fiverr

SMS2Optin - http://sms2optin.com

Legal Podcast Music - http://legalpodcastmusic.com/

The Podcast Report At Patreon - http://patreon.com/PaulColligan

International Podcast Day - http://internationalpodcastday.com/

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