Vincent Chu @ Initialized Capital - Health Tech Innovations
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What is a good college degree for someone looking to become an investor? 01:21

While in first year in college, Vincent got sick and had to take an entire year off. It was a difficult experience, which got him to seriously consider what he actually wanted to do in life. Instead of becoming a doctor, as originally planned, Vincent switched to doing physics, his passion.

It was a "useless degree," as far as jobs were concerned, but it worked out, giving him a broad background in science and technology which he uses in investing today.


What has been one of the great innovations in health care in recent years? 08:06

In the last several years, there has been a move in healthcare away from the "fee for service" model where doctors get paid for a number of sick people they see, incentivizing sickness, and moving to a model where doctors get paid for lack of readmission, thereby focusing on prevention rather than acute fixes.


Is Elder Tech a good business? 15:58

Insurance companies recognize that if you can spend $1 on providing companionship and making elder folks feel less alone, you could save $10s of dollars on hospitalization and other issues. Given that medicare alone accounts for 600 million dollars of medical spending, elter tech has an enormous business potential.

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