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The Remote Show on Smash Notes

The Remote Show podcast.

December 28, 2019

The Remote Show is an interview style podcast devoted to all things remote work, entrepreneurship, business and much more. We dive into our guest's personal journey, discuss tips, tools, management concepts and much more in order to help today's remote worker be more productive and fulfilled in work and in life.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Download and listen to Jesse share his journey to remote work and founding a media brand promoting remote work. Jesse breaks down how autonomy, freedom and flexibility are core to the success of 21st century post-pandemic work cultures.

Download and listen to Lance Robbins as he shares how he works to instill the best practices of remote work into the candidate experience at XWP and corporations around the world with Distribute.

Listen to Katerina Sukhenko as she teaches us how she and POSTOPLAN have scaled their company globally to support a global customer base as a startup founded during the pandemic. They are staying remote-first afterwards because of the benefits and advantages being able to hire anywhere provides

Listen to Adam go deep on how documentation and asynchronous workflows can unlock the flexibility and productivity that remote working promises.

Listen to Valerie and Rebecca share how their experience of pandemic WFH prompted them to find each other and build an app for building culture in remote and distributed teams.

Download and listen to Amanda Nielsen as she shares how she has leveraged her online presence to benefit her career growth as a young professional seeking, finding and thriving in a remote role.

Listen as Tony shares about the ways location independent work is changing how governments approach attracting business and how Oyster thinks about the new "Head of Remote" job function.

Listen in to Raul Galera sharing about what it’s like to have been a solo remote worker that helped their organization successfully go remote during the pandemic.

Download and listen to our episode with the cofounder of Commons, Patrick Burns. We go deep on asynchronous vs synchronous remote work styles, how to stay connected while working in a distributed environment, and what it means to have intention built into your communication norms as a company.

The Remote Show welcomes Daphnée Laforest to the microphone to share her experiences of helping to grow the remote work movement as a consultant helping companies organize their distributed workforce and create content helping push forward best practices for remote first organizations.

Catch up with the best stuff from the latest episodes of The Remote Show by listening to the highlights from Tyler Sellhorn, Peep Laja, Chris Herd, Laurel Farrer, Kate Lister and Corey Haines

Listen in and start #LearningOutLoud with Corey Haines, Founder at Swipe Files and host of the "Everything is Marketing" and "Default Alive" podcasts. Corey goes deep on how to position your messaging and hiring process as a remote leader to end up hiring the best people. After all, "Everything is Marketing!"