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The Remote Show on Smash Notes

The Remote Show podcast.

December 28, 2019

The Remote Show is an interview style podcast devoted to all things remote work, entrepreneurship, business and much more. We dive into our guest's personal journey, discuss tips, tools, management concepts and much more in order to help today's remote worker be more productive and fulfilled in work and in life.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Download and listen as Kyle Havlicek-McClenahan helps us think through the implications of even more of our working lives existing inside of digital spaces and what it means to do that thoughtfully.

Download and listen as Nicole Caba shares how her story of moving abroad as a remote worker inspired her to create a business to reduce the friction for people to live in the places they are most fulfilled.

Download and listen as Arkadiy Baltser thinks aloud about remote work as we transition our software tools for work in the multiplayer future.

Download and listen as Darcy Boles shares how TaxJar, a Stripe Company has built a culture of working that supports eudaimonic wellbeing for its employees.

Download and listen as the CEO of Remote (Job van der Voort) and the Head of Remote at GitLab (Darren Murph) share about the past, present and future states of remote work on "The Remote Show"

Download and listen as Mike Adams shares how to make use of recordings to enable remote teams to increase objectivity and reduce redundancy. The next phase of remote work is enabling not only location independent work but also time independent work, and Mike tells us how to to create that using effective recordings.

Download and listen as Ryan shares about how workplace management is shifting away from a asset based model that reports to finance towards human resources following the shift in power to employees in our distributed organizations

Download and listen as Ryan Chartrand shares what the X-Team has learned on the forefront of remote work as an organization that has been field testing the best ways work together and build a shared work culture in a remote team. The X-Team has been dedicated to building the best remote teams of developers since 2006 and Ryan shares how they "keep moving forward."

Download and listen as Amy shares how companies can empower their employees with the flexibility to work how they are most productive while also honoring the magic of in-person time.

Download and listen as Mitko Karshovski weaves the story of his active choice to become a digital nomad into the stories he shares now in his podcast and with his business. Mitko has been studying and retelling the narratives of the most successful remote workers and entrepreneurs and we got a chance to learn out loud with him!

Download and listen to Flo Crivello share his learning around how to build in the rhythms, routines and rendezvous points that might have been lost in our broad shift away from in-person office work.

Download and listen to Jesse share his journey to remote work and founding a media brand promoting remote work. Jesse breaks down how autonomy, freedom and flexibility are core to the success of 21st century post-pandemic work cultures.