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The SimpleBits Show on Smash Notes

The SimpleBits Show podcast.

December 31, 2019

Designer and accidental entrepreneur, Dan Cederholm, shares things he's learned along the way and interviews other creative folks sharing what they've learned. It's also the first audio podcast hosted by a puppet.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Dan talks with Christopher Michon about his Failed Imagineer project, where he mashes up Disney, pop culture, and punk rock to create something entirely new and unique.

Dan and his partner, Melissa Allegrini, reboot the podcast to talk about making fonts, self-publishing books, puppets, the value of physical vs. digital things, and much more. It's great to be back!

Dan chats with brand designer and podcast host, Meg Lewis! Topics include: Calliopes, Rainforest Cafe, Nigerian disco, hosting podcasts, focusing on what makes you, you, and much more.

Dan chats with Indianapolis-based illustrator, letter, and designer, Bob Ewing. Topics include: Bob's charitable collective, INCH x INCH, going from cement mixer to designer, elevating his neighbor's egg farm branding, recent projects and more.

Dan chats with the unstoppable twin duo, Amy & Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah, their branding and design agency in Southern California. Topics include Willie Nelson's braids, Ken Burns' hair, "prison rodeos", Jimmy Dean Sausage, and interviewing Buzz Aldrin. Also about making your own fonts, their new forthcoming book, sage advice and much more.

Dan chats with designer and brand builder, Joshua Ariza, about surfing, skateboarding, mentorship, alien life, building his merch brand (Chomp) and much more.

Dan chats with Austin-based artist and illustrator, Alana Louise. Mostly about fly fishing and gear, but also about horses, California creek adventures, Orville Peck, alien life from other planets, her advice on what's most important and much more.

Dan chats with digital artist, James White (aka Signalnoise) about his incredible 80s-theme art, synth wave, how he got started, his latest adventure, and much more.

Dan chats with Gemma O’Brien, an absurdly-talented lettering artist and illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. Gemma is best known for creating hand-painted typographic murals and illustrative lettering, and she shares a bit about her process, world-traveling, making sure you're happy with your creations, and much more.

Jake Nickells is the founder of Threadless.com, a company which he's been operating for now 20 years.

Welcome to The SimpleBits Show—a new podcast hosted by Dan Cederholm. I'll be sharing things I've learned and interviewing designers and creative folks who'll share what they've learned. It's also the first audio podcast hosted by a puppet.

Updated on September 18