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How to Control Employees 101

Many businesses and managers fall into the trap of trying to control their teams and employees. On today’s episode Hiten and Steli discuss why trying to exercise control is a bad move, what is actually at the heart of a need to control others and what to do in order to solve misalignment.

Updated on July 19

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Employment is a form of slavery, and at the end of the day no human likes to be controlled. If you want your employees to work with you, invest time and energy to influence them in the right direction.


When you influence people, you help them do what you want in a way that they want to do it.

Control removes the free will and forces the actions on people.


When you are frustrated with somebody, it means something needs to change, and there are only two ways to solve misalignment, either part ways, or both people have to change.

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