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In this episode, Steli and Hiten discuss the true meaning of the season, Thanksgiving. Listen as Steli and Hiten go deep into our emotions to reveal what giving thanks is really about, how to show gratefulness and the importance of showing others we are thankful for them. They will also discuss how gratitude plays a role in creating a successful business.  

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:27 – It’s that time of the year to be thankful

01:07 – There’s something really powerful in the act of being grateful

02:09 – As long as you’re giving a genuine thanks, the receiver appreciates it

02:31 – Life isn’t just all the bad stuff

03:03 – Giving thanks is one of the MOST important things we can do as human beings

04:02 – Thanksgiving is the start of another year

04:59 – Steli discusses a book that created a grading system for emotions

06:11 – The most powerful emotion is unconditional love

06:23 – The second most powerful emotion is gratitude and gratefulness

06:48 – Love and gratefulness are emotions we feel intimately

07:02 – These emotions are connecting points to other humans

07:41 – Gratefulness brings you closer to others

08:19 – It puts you in a state that allows you to be the BEST version of yourself

09:43 – Practice thanksgiving every day

10:02 – Who do I truly appreciate in life?

10:46 – Make it a practice to say “Thank you” to somebody

11:31 – A signal that something isn’t right is when you want to “pass” on saying “thanks”

12:28 – How Hiten practices gratefulness

13:31 – Think about what you’re grateful and show gratitude for yourself

15:28 – Be grateful to yourself—in how you speak and think of yourself

17:39 – How can businesses be grateful?

17:50 – When somebody gives you information, say “Thank you” first

18:57 – Make customers happy by thanking them for their feedback

19:27 – Most great brands are BUILT on gratitude

19:39 – Are they thankful for the fact that they have you as customers?

20:41 – Public examples can be found in Gary Vaynerchuck’s book, The Thank You Economy

21:54 – Think of your company as a SERVICE to others

22:17 – Give people an opportunity to be highlighted in order to motivate them

23:06 – Instead of being tactical, be GENUINE and mean it

3 Key Points:

Giving thanks is a sign of unselfishness—don’t withhold it.

Work at having a positive dialogue and a gratefulness for yourself.

Consider your business a SERVICE and make gratitude the starting point in your daily interactions.  

Resources Mentioned:

The Thank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuck’s book that Steli used as an example

Steli Efti: Hey, this is Steli Efti.

Hiten Shah: And, this is Hiten Shah, and today, on today’s startup chat we're going to talk about – well it's Thanksgiving, and we’re recording so the first idea that popped in our heads lets you talk about being thankful, gratefulness, gratitude, and all those wonderful things that – you know oftentimes were thinking about it this time of the year.

Steli Efti: And, in the immortal words of Hiten Shah – before we decided to start recording this episode, I think you said something along the lines of you know, people love that shit! So, it was one of one of many reasons why it might be a good idea to talk about this, but I do think that there's something more to this. So, of course we can just go – what are you grateful for your life? I'm grateful for this.

Hiten Shah: No, we’re not doing that.

Steli Efti: But, we're not going to do that, right? we're not gonna be that much of a cliché in this episode, but I do of a cliché in this episode but I do powerful transformative in the act of you know gratitude, gratefulness, appreciation and that that matters a lot,

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