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183: Website Teardowns (With Conversion Tips & Tricks) Part 1

In this episode, Steli and Hiten look at 3 websites and provide important, specific feedback. Steli and Hiten give their thoughts regarding the home pages and share their overall experience. Some of the key lessons to be learned in this episode is that your value proposition needs to be clearly shown and that you should always evaluate how you are communicating that value in your written content.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:09 – Today’s episode is a special episode about website tear down

00:30 – Listeners submitted their website and asked Steli and Hiten for their feedback

01:01 – Hiten and Steli take a look at Get Swip:

01:45 – Hiten asks what a “Lean Coach” is

02:16 – The website does not explain what the “lean” means and what the benefits are

03:11 – Registration page should be more specific

06:40 – The value should be communicated more clearly

07:05 – Next website they evaluate is Live Tiles:

07:29 – The background of the homepage is a video and it is distracting

10:01 – The page is too busy

10:13 – The “.nyc” is interesting because it looks like a local business

10:49 – It does not quickly sell the product

11:35 – Words like “infinite engagement” does not really mean anything

12:30 – Advice is to go back to the customer and ask for how they’d describe the service

16:15 – Hiten and Steli look at Inapptics:

16:34 – Based on the name, they look like analytical tools

17:10 – Put the form in a more accessible place instead of down below the page

18:00 – The value proposition should be more specific

19:30 – The website looks old

20:51 – There is nothing about the team and their credibility

23:26 – This is only Part 1 of The Website Tear Down

3 Key Points:

In making a website, it is important to be clear about the value that you are selling.

Do NOT make your page too busy—it’ll negatively affect user experience.

Ask your customers what they think about your business and use their words.


Hiten: Okay, sounds good.



Steli: Hey, everybody. This is Steli Efti.



Hiten: And this is Hiten Shah.



Steli: And in today's episode of The Startup Chat we're gonna have a special episode which is gonna be a website tear down episode. So all of you out there, we asked for submissions a few days ago and we got a ton of people submitting their websites, asking Hiten and I to just look at the site and and provide feedback and tear it down and be hypercritical and very, very honest. And that's what we're gonna do this morning. It's just gonna be going through one website after the other that you guys submitted and we'll try to be as useful and helpful in providing feedback. All right Hiten, you want to take it away and take a look at the first website submitted?



Hiten: Absolutely. This website is called Swip, it's So, it's G-E-T-S-W-I-P dot com. And right when I hit the site on the right there's a big picture of a MacBook and it looks like it's got some interface. On the left it says "Lean Coach For Your Team: The guidance and tools you need to run your business Lean." "Get it for" and then it says "$6.99" and then crosses it off and it says "free." And then next to that that's the button and then next to that it says "How it works." And then there's a "Offer available for limited time. 600+ people already claimed their free account. Claim yours now using the button above." So that's what shows up on the main page, it's like a nice big, blue page. Well first of all, the first thing that hits me is that it says it's a lean coach for your team. Right away I'm like "well what's a lean coach?" That's already something that registers for me and makes me confused about what thi...


Key Smash Notes In This Episode

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