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249: How To Manage Your Emotions During The Startup Rollercoaster

In today’s episode, Steli and Hiten talk about ways you can manage your emotions in a startup. Startups are said to be emotional rollercoasters, but how do we actually deal with these emotions that we go through? Listen as Steli and Hiten explain how you can control your emotions, tips on how to avoid getting angry, and why awareness is the first step to understanding your emotions.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:03 – Today’s topic is about managing your emotions in a startup

00:35 – A startup is an emotional rollercoaster

01:26 – One of the most intense emotions an entrepreneur experiences in a startup is fear

01:45 – Combat fear by not having fear

02:03 – Will Smith says to have fear of fear

02:20 – Fear is irrational: you focus on things you can’t control

02:56 – Deal with fear by thinking through it

04:20 – Play it through all the way

04:53 – Anger is a negative, but empowering emotion

05:18 – Hiten says to not be pissed off and angry

05:52 – Hangry is the number cause of being angry – don’t take too much coffee without food

06:18 – “Most of the time, your emotions are coming from the same place”

06:35 – Dig deep on what triggers your emotions

07:12 – Think through your emotions and identify them, when they are triggered, and how you can recognize them

07:24 – Write down what makes you angry

07:49 – Don’t judge yourself for feeling what you feel

08:00 – Never write an email or text in anger

08:20 – Find a way to calm down

08:53 – Start being self-aware about the emotional state that you’re in

09:48 – Anger builds up before it explodes

10:26 – Find a productive vessel to put your energy into when you’re angry

11:50 – Confusion is a common and less intense emotion

12:10 – Hiten reminds himself to focus on the big, important things to avoid confusion

12:50 – Don’t get caught up n small things that would not matter in the long run

13:42 – Focus and do the things you CAN control

14:56 – Steli shares about an overwhelming experience he had yesterday

15:32 – Identify what is really going on

16:07 – Deal with one thing at a time – prioritize

16:56 – Being present in the moment is what eliminates overwhelm

17:33 – Dealing with cynical emotions

18:15 – “Get out of your head and go for a walk”

18:50 – Meditate or do something that takes your mind off of the issue

19:13 – Talk to people that make you happy

20:31 – Deal with other people’s emotions the same way you deal with yours

21:36 – Emotional management always starts with awareness

21:55 – We want to hear your opinion on this topic! Email Steli or Hiten

3 Key Points:

Deal with your emotions by thinking through it, not by reacting to it.

Analyze where you feel triggered and find out why you feel that way – sometimes the cause comes from childhood emotions and memories.

Deal with other people’s emotions the way you deal with yours.

Steli Efti:

Hey everybody, this is Steli Efti.

Hiten Shah:

And this is Hiten Shah, and today on the startup chat, we're gonna talk about  how to manage your emotions in a startup.

Steli Efti:

Yeah, we all know that the rollercoaster example has been used many, many times. The  emotional rollercoaster of starting a startup. It's a funny image and it's very truthful for  those that hear it. It does mimic the highs and lows and the intensities of  a startup from an emotional point of view, but it's very rarely that we talk  about how to deal with that. And how to manage your own emotions. So I  thought that it would be a fun episode for us to just pick a bunch  of challenging emotions that you're probably gonna have to face and states of mind that  you're gonna have to face as you'r...


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