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This week's episode of The Startup Chat is a special one. We feature Steli’s interview for the Inside Sales Summit, which was a virtual sales summit where we interviewed over 50 sales experts, leaders and founders, who teach their sales secrets during the summit.

This episode is a follow-up to episode 256, where we published Hiten’s interview for the virtual sales summit.

In this episode, Steli talks about how to diagnose your sales funnel and identify any problems that it might have, benchmarks for your sales funnel, how to do outbound and inbound sales the right way, how to improve your cold calling strategy and much more.

Tune-in for tips and advice that can help you create a scalable and effective sales process for your startup.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:24 About today’s episode.

02:32 The introduction of the interview.

03:53 How to diagnose a sales funnel that is leaking leads and identify where things are going wrong.

10:05 Steli talks about whether there’s been a shift in how SAAS companies are approaching sales today and why that may be the case.

16:33 Steli reveals his best practices and principles for people that want to get started with outbound calling or are looking to revamp their process.

29:44 How to decide which is more effective for your startup - calling or emailing the prospect first.

32:56 Steli cites some interesting cold outreach campaigns he’s received in the past and shares some tips that can help you improve your messages.

37:59 Steli talks about vulnerability and why it can be important for salespeople.

45:55 The best investment Steli has made in the context of building his selling skills.

47:25 Where to learn more about about Steli and get in touch with him.


Being vulnerable with confidence is the ultimate sign of strength

The trick to sounding good on a sales call is feeling good first.

The first step to fixing your sales funnel is to have a simple funnel, so that you can attribute the leakage to a certain step in the funnel.


Steli Efti: Hi everybody, this is Steli Efti and in today's episode of the Startup Chat, we have a special episode. This is actually my interview for the Inside Sales Summit, where I teach how to create a scalable sales process for your startup. So here's the deal, we've done this a few episodes ago, I think it was episode 256, 256. Hiten Shah's inside sales tips for startups, where we published on the Startup Chat Hiten's interview for the Inside Sales Summit, which was a virtually summit where we interviewed over 50 experts, founders, sales leaders, teaching their inside sales secrets. And that episode got a ton of positive responses, and a bunch of people asked us "why don't you publish Steli's interview as well?" So this is what we do today people, you're going to listen to my interview, it's 46 minutes long, so it's a much longer episode than the typical Startup Chat, but I got into a lot of details. I'll talk about how to look at your sales funnel and how to identify problems there. I'll talk about benchmarks for your sales funnel, how to do outbound sales, how to do inbound sales. I'll talk about cold calling and cold emailing, so there's going to be a ton of stuff around my sales philosophy and sales tactics that I've seen used successful at startups. So I hope that for people out there that are interested in that, this is going to be a super insightful episode. And for those of you that didn't catch Hiten's episode on the Inside Sales Summit, and want to listen to that after listening to mine, just go to episode 256 and take a listen. Hiten typically doesn't talk a lot about sales, and he's known as a marketing expert and product expert, but he's very dangerous when it comes to sales. And that interview in particularly is very, very, good, so I highly recommend it. Alright, that's enough from me,

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