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Today on The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about why startups are allergic to processes and what they can do about it.

A lot of startups have “process allergies” and this can be a hindrance to growth. The thought of building and setting up business  processes also adds pressure on founders. However, what they don’t realize is that every business activity is done through a process.

In this episode, Steli and Hiten talk about “process allergy”, what it is, why most startups have it, and what founders can do to eliminate it. Listen until the end and get a chance to win a surprise from The Startup Chat!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:28 – The reason we’re talking about today’s topic.

01:01 – What “process allergy” is and why startups have it.

02:23 – Hiten talks about what inexperience leads to.

03:07 – The general mantra processes.

03:59 – What a process really is.

05:17 – Why realizing you have a process is a powerful thing.

07:21 – The worst thing about creating processes.

08:54 – Hiten’s suggestion on how to develop processes.

11:17 – Steli talks about how to eliminate “processes allergies”.

15:26 – Steli suggests using Process Street and Asana


Every business has a process even if you don’t think you do.

Repetition doesn’t happen without process.

The way you do things is your process.

We want to help you become more process oriented. For the first five listeners who reach out to Steli by email at we will pay for a business pro plan upgrade at Process St.


Steli: Hey everybody, this is Steli Efti.



Hiten: And this is Hiten Shah . And today on the startup chat, we're going to talk about why startups are allergic to process and what you can do about it.



Steli: So the reason why I wanted to talk to you about this today is just in a recent episode, you dropped a Hiten bomb, which was saying that lots of startups has process allergy. They're allergic to process. And that can be a hindrance to growth. So I made a mental note when you said that to come back to this. And to talk about it a little bit further in detail. So let's start off the episode with the open ended question. We'll go deep and deep in detail. What do you mean by process allergy? And why do you think startups have it?



Hiten: Startups are usually started by inexperienced business people. And I don't mean because of age, I just mean in general. It's inexperienced business people. Maybe people that worked at companies cool, but they're just inexperienced at starting a business. They're inexperienced at thinking through team and structure and even things like how do you grow a business? What are the most important things to do? Even things like how do you raise money? Usually these startups, especially on the tech side are started by people who can build things. And so a lot of times, what I see ... And this has been getting better over the years but is that people just get into it accidentally. And they just do whatever they can to get shit done. And so that's the hustle mentality, the get shit done mentality. And at some point, whatever they're doing starts breaking. And what I mean by breaking is, you have process whether you think you do or not. And that's the key statement I would make, which is if you're getting anything done, you're building product, you're getting customers, you're hiring, there's a process to it. You're just not conscious to it if you think you don't have it. And you probably haven't written it down. And you don't follow the same process necessarily every time. So a lot of times I think what happens is, inexperience leads to this idea that I have, that process is not something startups have. They don't, and it's because they're moving so fast,

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